Up and Running!

I’ve just started this blog so please bear with me on how often I post and the grammatical errors that appear. types will be common until I get accustomed to the formatting and the keyboard of my laptop. (trust me, this thing is small compared to what I’m used to)

No one knows what all will appear here, but I can guarantee that most of it will be book related. Here, I will talk about the books I have in progress along with how well (or bad) the sales are doing on my first novel published, Black Friday. Well, I’ll be talking a lot about just that one for the most part and what is happening as part two is written and transcribed.

Links will be provided on another post and updated as more comes in.

So, uh… wish me luck and keep watching!


2 thoughts on “Up and Running!

  1. Congratulations on your sister blog to mine at WordPress… I’m looking forward to your posts and the success to your book, Black Friday. — Kat

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