About Black Friday…

Starting today, I’m going to do a post about my first published book, Black Friday.  These posts could contain anything from something about the characters however minor or major they may be, the story line itself, stuff about the next book in the series, or just my thoughts in general about my attempts to advertise and get my name out there.

This is your chance to learn about the book.  Ask me questions about the characters, the world they have to live in and why they are the way they are.  Once in a while, I’ll post an excerpt from the book itself, and a sneak peek at what is being written now as it is transcribed and edited.

So, without further ado:

Black Friday

The idea of ‘Black Friday’ began several years ago when a friend of mine introduced me to a community on LJ of people who believed they have the soul, or spirit (there is a difference here), of an animal or fanciful creature.  Many of the people who posted seemed like normal people and acted like mature adults willing to talk about what they are, do, and help those curious or just ‘finding themselves’.  These are the one who I talked with the most and gathered a lot of information from them which started that seed of an idea growing in the back of my mind.

Like with any community, there are those who are best classified as zealots and tend to be the ones who go out of their way to give the community as a whole a very bad name.  One such was the head of one of the communities.  Her pamphlets about therianism talked of things no one could stomach, such as animal sacrifice and rites which few Wiccan would want to conduct.  Through her, I gathered the idea for the antagonists in my story.

Black Friday is the nick name, spoken only once in this first book, of the narrator, a mute woman with the soul of a melonistic leopard of sorts as she leads a newly awakened wolf therian to the battle which will decide if their people will be able to continue to live or die out as other animals and people have done in the past.  From the time of her birth, she knew what she was but, like others of her kind, unable to change until her own awakening.  Her growth is seen as she recalls the tale of bringing Nick, her family, and others to the battle.  A few twists happen thanks to her pupil before he is taken to the sacred place known as First Home.  What is seen is through her eyes with her thoughts coloring the events as they unravel before your eyes.

To find out more about Black Friday, you can visit Amazon and search for it under my name, Candace Gauger, B&N.com, or visit my page on Xlibris at http://www.xlibris.com/BlackFriday .

See you next week for another blurb about Black Friday.  (Who knows, maybe I’ll do separate blogs on my other works throughout the week so keep watching)