This Blew Me Away

I mean, honestly, it blew me away when i saw this earlier this evening.

Out of curiosity, I did  Google Search on my name just to see what comes up.  Now, I had done this once before several years ago and my real name anything related me was like 20 or more pages into the search itself.  Far enough in that I wasn’t worried about weird people finding me and trying to ruin my credit or anything.  They couldn’t do that now if they tried anyway.  >.<  Any-who, I did a search on my name and I found myself right there on top starting with my Facebook page the links to my book.

I had to re-read just to make sure I was seeing it clearly then had my son pinch me to make sure I was awake.  Front and center on a search, not someone else or a celebrity with the same first name.  It was ME!!!!

I am astounded by this.  Truly astounded.

Then, just to see how much there, I found pages of book site links selling my book.  More than just Amazon and Barns&Noble.  Much, much, more!  In among those store links, I found a link to someone who was reading my book and had done a review on it.

I was scared at first and shook through the reviews before they came to mine.  She was only 30 pages in at the time but liked it and recommended it to those who wanted a good fiction piece.  Now, I am really curious to know what she thought of the whole story minus the typos that got in.  Time will be spent rummaging through YouTube to find any further reviews on it.

I want to know.  I really want to know what she thought about it.  Right now, only people I know have reviewed it and I know it is hard to be biased when you know the creator.  At least I know my nephews enjoyed it, my siblings like it and even my mom has read it and thought it well done.  To quote, “Black Friday is an easy read, but a quick read.  It kept my attention.”  This is from my second to youngest nephew who is heading tinto the military this summer.

Please, if you read any of it, even just the excerpt on my xlibris page, tell me what you think and be honest.  The criticism will help improve future works and the series as I progress.