Here’s my plan…

I have decided to make myself a weekly plan so I can get one blog post in a day; not just a posting here, but in my other journals as well. This schedule will be printed onto a calendar above my desk so I can see what the day’s topic should be.

Sunday: Black Friday (current and future plots and stuff about the characters and the world this series takes place in.)

Monday: Random thoughts about what ever comes to mind.

Tuesday: Progress of Society of Night and Lies. (Random things about the story in general, snippets, and stuff about the characters and the world in general.)

Wednesday: News if any in my world. Maybe define my genre further for the curious. Stuff about work if anything of interest or humor comes up.

Thursday: Talk about stuff in general. Could be anything. More than like, talk about my experiences with NaNoWriMo.

Friday: Focus on the short story compilation of erotica I have growing. Various stories already being written with snippets to be posted.

Saturday: Random things with some focus on another novel in progress to help break the block that has grown up in it, Way of the Comet.