Short Story Compilation…

It’s Friday!

Other than having a rather hectic day at work, it hasn’t been bad.  Enough about my day, though.  Today, this post is dedicated to a collection of short stories I’m considering for publishing.   For now, this collection doesn’t have a name, but if anyone has any ideas, feel free to suggest them in the comment.  Also, if you want to critique, simply ask.  None of the stories will be very long but they will contain adult content so if you’re under 18, I will not send them out.  Yes, I will need verification for this.


Since more anyone reading this will be 18+, I’m not too worried.  Only clean snippets will be posted here in either case.  Problem is, deciding which one to focus on.  There’s so many ideas!  *le sigh*

Moving on…

For those who don’t understand what furry is beyond the nut-jobs that have been seen on TV lately, here’s the short definition.  Furry is anthropomorphic animals given very human characteristics and traits; usually placed in very human situations.  Most children’s stories are focused around furry whether people believe it or not.  Furry can be considered a life style and there are some really strange sexual fetishes connected to it.  But, they are not the majority of the furry community.  Yes, many are strange, but every community has its weirdos running around giving them a bad name.  This cannot be helped.

What I’ll be writing will be the softer side of erotica such as forbidden love and strangers meeting in the night, unlikely pairings… things like that.  Nothing hard core or strange fetishes in this compilation.  Just love stories with some romance, a little drama, and maybe some action to make things exciting.  Themes can vary from story to story, but they’ll have the same basic things about them: love and sensual pleasure.

Am I strange for wanting to write and publish something like this?  Perhaps, but no worse than anyone else wanting to publish a book with very obvious sexual encounters in their stories.  I’m just writing in the genre I’m most comfortable with.

Way I see it, this is a way to give some characters I have a chance to be seen and maybe see if they’ll be good enough to use in other stories.  Believe me, there are a lot of different characters running around in my head.  Some are just more vocal than others.


While I’m here, I’ll introduce you to one of the most drawn and written about characters I have; Leofa.

Leofa is a rabbit type furry, generally called a lapine.  She’s sweet natured, generous, kind and willing to help anyone who asks aid.  This female is not afraid of anything except being kept away from her mate and master, Maerin, for too long.  She’s family oriented and will foster any child that is brought to her.  Her main job is owner and curator of the Rabbit Hutch; a place where prey type furries can go to socialize without the fear of predation from the predator type furries.

What makes Leofa so strong willed is the fact she has spent time studying magic and finds it quite entertaining to change her form at will to appease her clients fantasies.  She does have a mischievous side, however, and can pull a few pranks if her clients get a little clingy, whiny, or out of hand to teach them a lesson.  Nothing that will harm them, but enough to make them reconsider what they are about to do.

She isn’t my main character, but I do find myself playing more often because she is so free and fun to play with.  She’s the type who is willing to try anything once.  As fun as she is to play, she’s not one to take the lead and direct things.  She lets them happen to see how situations play out before calling a stop.  This does get her into some tight binds that leave a harsh lesson for her to learn from.

Still, Leofa is a very versatile character and probably one of my best creations in the furry world.

That seems to be enough about this weeks furry spotlight.  See y’all next time!!