Comet Saturday!

Thought I was going to title this one About Way of the Comet, didn’t you?   😉  Not this time.  I do change things up a bit so they don’t get too static.  Smart thinking eh?

Of course, this one is about my story Way of the Comet.  While Black Friday and Society of Night and Lies take place in a world similar to our own with all the usual modern amenities, Way of the Comet mixes a high fantasy world plus out own.  It starts off on a ranch someplace in Blue Grass country (ie Kentucky/Tennessee region) then moves into a fanciful world where there are no people.  So far, not even demi-humans; such as elves and dwarves, exist.  I haven’t decided if I want to bring them in or just keep it to what I have there now.

Now, I have only written up to chapter ten and things are starting to heat up for my heroin, Larana.  She was safe and secure with her guide and protectors.  But, while trying to hide from her enemies, she is knocked out and captured.  For now, she sits in a cage and learning a bit more about where she came from and her mother.

It took a year to write to that point from chapter nine.  There were some problems plus a move to another start which caused that slow down.  Before that, I thought the disks I had were destroyed by a terrible bug infestation plus excessive heat due to a lack of AC where I lived.  It had been about three or more years between chapters five and six.  Six, seven and eight were done over the course of a year or so.  You have no idea how relieved I was when those disks were found to be in good condition.  Now, the first five chapters were written on and off over the course of five years.

What took so long?  A lot of writer’s block and there’s some major blockage right now where she’s at the story.  But, when this story is finally finished, it will be well worth it.  Who knows, maybe it could be the next James Cameron movie.  Maybe!  😀

Inspiration for this book came from the Hale-Bop comet when it appeared in the mid 90s.  I used to go outside every evening just to watch it from my front balcony when the weather was nice.  Considering it was around summertime, there was a lot of nice weather to do a lot of comet watching.  My only regret is I couldn’t save any of the artwork it had inspired.  While it was there, I did a lot of drawing with it someplace in the picture.  Those pictures are forever gone, sadly.  *sigh*

Way of the Comet did have a totally different beginning than what it does now.  The notebook I had started writing in was soaked my idiot ex’s clumsiness when he tripped over his feet and spilled his drink on it.  The beginning featured an older woman, late 20s, early 30s or so and had experienced a lot of funerals in a short time.  Her family was dying off, not just from illness but from murder as well.  When she became the last target, she got a mysterious warning and took off over seas to seek safety.  It didn’t hurt that her job also gave her a good excuse to be traveling so far.  Where that beginning had ended, she had stumbled into a cave to escape her would be assassins and fell through a hidden portal into a  world different from her own.

Without a computer, there was no way I could save that manuscript.  It was lost.  But, the new beginning sounded better once I got it written down.  A younger girl with a lot less killing to get to her seemed to be much better than a grown woman evading death while trying to figure out a new world that’s been waiting for her return.

I still remember a lot of that original beginning.  Maybe… just maybe… I’ll turn it into a future project.  Who knows?

Enough for tonight’s writing blog.  Time to finish the dishes and prepare for work tomorrow.  *BLEAH!*