Introduction: Karina

Why not start with the one who is telling the story of Black Friday?

In the beginning, Karina was a cougar type therian with dark fur to be considered melonistic.  As a human, she wasn’t anything to look at, average looks, a slender figure,, mousey brown hair and hazel eyes with yellow rings around the pupils.  Her normal outfit was a t-shirt and jeans and old sneakers.  She didn’t want attention and people in general didn’t give her a second look.  Her only problem was she is mute.  A birth defect prevented her from speaking though she can make sounds, just nothing that can be made into words for speaking.  Now, she wasn’t without any mode of communication.  Thanks to her disability, she learned sign language as a child at a school for the deaf and also learned about her human history.  Before high school even started, she already decided that she did not like the human people and wasn’t so sure about other therians either.  But, her disability did allow her to develop one skill all therians have to such a high mastery, few could compare; a form of telepathy.  With that skill, she gained prestige with her own kind.

Among other therians, who’d she find or they came to her, she was given plenty of attention.  Honestly, she didn’t mind the attention of other therians so much but she still preferred to be on her own. Karina is an experienced hunter and kept a serious attitude when it came to training a newly awaken therian and teaching them about where they came from and what they were no matter what type of animal they were.  When it came to training, however, she preferred to find them and do things on her own terms.

The goddess of the feline therians didn’t agree.  She sent Karina to find Nick, who is a wolf therian, among the humans and keep him from the clutches of the mages that were also seeking him to prevent a prophecy from coming to fruition.

What makes Karina, Karina, is the attitude.  Even when friendly, she keeps a tone of sarcasm about her to those she meets.  many times, she sounds rather  ‘bitchy’ but that’s just her.  Keeping a level of patience with Nick wasn’t easy for her to do until after Bast did her magic and took things into her own hands.  Only then did she become more accepting, even after she was given the truth.

I based Karina after a wonderful woman I had the pleasure to meet while working in Wal-Mart.  Her name was Arlene and she had a natural leadership ability that should have propelled her high into the ranks of the company.  store management didn’t think so, but she was allowed to make the best team of cashiers.  Arlene was a bright, intelligent personality that I grew to adore.  She WAS our leader on the front end.

Sadly, this past January while I was fighting off a nasty virus that took months to get over, Arlene passed away from cancer.  She didn’t know she had anything so horrible as that until she went to the doctor just a few months before when she started loosing weight for no reason.  The end came swiftly.  She had gone to the hospital because of severe cramps and bleeding and within a week, she was gone.  Those of us who knew miss her.

Karina’s inspiration may be gone, but she will never be forgotten.  Arlene lives on in this series with the permission of her daughters.  A portion of the royalties I may from this series will be given to cancer research so no one will lose a loved one, or a co-worker they considered family.