Gartfield would like this Monday

Today, it wasn’t so bad at work.  For the most part, it was slow without being bored out of my mind slow.  There were no difficult customers, which was amazing in itself.  It was an ideal day to work on some training.  That’s what didn’t happen.  No big deal to me, I’ll learn it eventually no matter what.

The only thing I didn’t like today was the fact my adoring son woke me up before the alarm went off.  He was chasing my tom cat ag, Caffeine, again.  While the poor cat isn’t loud, I heard his meowing and he ran over me to get away from Colin.  *sigh*  The kid just won’t learn.  He insists on harassing the cats when we’re not looking.  Several times he’s had to be punished for being too rough, locking them in his room, chasing them around the apartment, and just being a pest.  I’m not sure what to do with my son right now.  I just hope he learned his lesson this morning when I finally caught  him and gave his bottom a few smacks to make him stop and listen to what I said.

My child is ADHD with a couple other problems but nothing that should get in the way of him paying attention and listening to what he is told.  He is just that stubborn and strong willed.  He thinks everything should be done his way and to hell with everyone else.

Oh, but he will learn soon enough.  discipline is used and ranges from mild to harsh depending on what was done.  Today, for the trouble he caused before the alarm went off, his computer privileges were taken away.  Just for today.  He does the same again tomorrow, no computer for a week.  Next comes taking away his cartoons and TV privileges with the exception of a couple specific shows due to the educational content.  After that, he will be taken to my brother’s house and made to stack the bricks on his back porch.

Grounding doesn’t work with Colin.  We can make him stand against the wall with his nose touching it and no sitting.  He has to stand there until we say he can move.  Normally, no longer than five minutes but some times…  some times he thinks he can wander off after barely a minute so we make him return to the wall and tack on a couple more minutes.  One evening, he was standing there for about an hour or more until he finally figured out there was no getting out of his punishment and did what he was told.  After five minutes of quiet, he was allowed to sit and watch some TV before he had to eat dinner.

He absolutely hates being made to stay still.  Even worse, he hates not knowing what is going on.  He has to be right there trying to tell us how we are to play a game or do something when he has no clue what we’re doing.

Really, I don’t mind him watching as I write a blog, transcribe my next book, edit, or even pop onto Facebook and amuse myself with the games there if I don’t like playing NWN again.  I even let him do some of it, like feeding and caring for my pets on Happy pets.  He enjoys the different cats, dogs, and horses I have at the moment, so I see no problem at all rewarding him with a little time on there.  If he’s been exceptionally good, then I fire up my laptop and let him play Bejeweled2.  That keeps him quiet for hours.

Now, tonight, when I came home, he was already in bed.  About ten, the heat woke him up so he came down for a bit.  Right now, he’s curled up in his blanket by the couch where the AC and fan can blow him and is fast asleep.  For a bit there, we had a nasty storm; almost thought I wouldn’t get my post done tonight, but he slept through all but a few minutes when the thunder got really loud.

At least now, it will be nice and cool upstairs.  Cool enough to sleep comfortably.  Hopefully, I will get a good night’s sleep in.  Those are so rare since I’m a paranoid sleeper.  Various sounds will awaken me enough that I lose REM sleep.  When I see the doctor next, I’ll see what she can recommend to help.  She already wants a blood work up done me to go with my annual woman check up.  Maybe something will show up there besides hormones being out of whack for some strange reason.

I’ve rambled on enough.  I should have been in bed an hour ago.    Probably gave some of you readers something to make you fall asleep with my rambling.  😉

Write ya’ll again tomorrow!  Society of Night and Lies, you’ll enjoy this one.