Official Wednesday Post

As was stated earlier, the post about my next book, SoN&L, was a make up for Tuesday because I was to brain fried to write it then.  That seems to be the way things go with me.  Normally, I’m too tired to think straight or place two words together coherently.

I’m not going to go into detail about but being tired all the time is normal for me.  Give me a few minutes of quiet to sit still and I’m off into dreamland.  Don’t say go to a doctor because that isn’t right.  I know this and I am seeing a physician about it.  There’s just a lot for them to look over before giving a diagnosis.  For now, with the doc’s permission, I am on a B-complex regiment to keep my energy levels up and it seems to be working.  Only time it doesn’t work well is when I’ve shorted myself on sleep.  That cannot be helped.  once in a while, insomnia grabs a hold and all I can do is lay there and try to bore myself to sleep.

Stress of trying to make ends meet doesn’t help along with other external factors, but those are kept to a minimum. I do have my distractions to help lessen the stressful thoughts and help relax me mentally.   Nothing like a good free write, or some engaging role play.  Even a good plot helps to make things better and once in a while, offer a solution to what is causing the stress.

I do have to go see the doc in a couple of weeks for a follow-up on my knee.  Previous doc said my left knee is deteriorating about seven years ago when it blew out on me during pregnancy.  Current doc had some x-rays ordered to see what the damage is now if there is any.  It is painful more often than not and she prescribed me a decent painkiller related to ibuprofen.  It doesn’t work as long as it should but the pharmacists says I can add in a tramadol later in the day to help when needed, or even a Tylenol if there’s any handy.  The chiropractor is helping with the rest to help keep the pressure from building up on my knees.

It was kind of funny, if serious, when I first went to my chiropractor.  After he looked at the x-rays, he asked me how I was functioning with so much pain.  I’m just used to it now.  Arthritis in my back is causing an unnatural curve., (Not scoliosis), spurs everywhere in my lumbar to put pressure on nerve bundles, and the disks in the lowest part of my back are flattening.  Up in my neck, it’s no wonder I can feel my extremities with the odd angling that has happened.  It is trying to reverse the curve and there are spurs building up there.  Yeah, nasty stuff and that’s just the beginning.

As far as my energy being low, another doc seems to believe something is knocking my hormones out of whack.  He thinks there’s too many cysts on my ovaries and they’re causing problems there.  With my iron levels and thyroid levels where they should be, he wants an expensive test done to check for Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome.  That can explain a lot of things, too, such as my constant battle to lose weight.  Hard as I try, all I do is gain.  Not a lot I can do except keep an eye on my diet so diabetes  doesn’t set in fully.  Borderline is right where I want to keep my sugar levels for now.

Enough of that ultra-personal stuff.  Things could be looking up for me real soon.  Dave’s SSI has been approved.  We need to find out how much he’ll be getting a month then we’ll know what the back pay will be.  After that, we will be moving out of this hell hole of an apartment to someplace that’s all one level, ground floor, and decently sized.  I know it’ll be more expensive but with two incomes, we can handle it.  Either way, we’ll be closer to my mom’s place and in a safer part of town and near my son’s school.  That will end a lot of stress right there.  Hear gunshots almost every night before I fall asleep doesn’t make for a comfortable night’s rest.

Within the next month, or so, my garnishment will be ending so my finances will be opening up once more.  That’s when we intend to move.  I’d be out of this cramped excuse for an apartment now if my wages weren’t being garnished.  I make enough now as a pharmacy tech to afford a better place.  Ah well, nothing much I can do about that either except wait for the last couple hundred dollars to be paid then I can tell the hospital where to cram it.

They reneged anyway.  In January, I went to court and agreed to paying $7 a month to pay them back.  January’s payment was sent off.  In February, they started papers to garnish my wages according to the dates on this huge stack of trash they sent me.  Stated in there two certified letters were sent.  None was received by me.  Only one I did get was for something else entirely.  They didn’t even wait to get the first payment before starting more crap so in march when I’m needing every penny to make up for the lost wages over the winter, they’re taking a quarter of my check.  Of course, I didn’t receive any of the paperwork until it was too late for me to go downtown and make them stop since they were putting me into such a tight spot, I can’t feed my family.  Sneaky and underhanded they were.  Can’t trust these places because they are all money hungry.  They should have paid me for sitting around in the ER being sick for five hours, then another two hours in an exam room being uncomfortable waiting for a doctor who wanted to finish their paperwork before going home.

HELLO!  Patient is waiting, take care of them first, then leave when your replacement arrives.  That’s how I have to do it at work.  You have to do the same.  All they did was press on my stomach some, listen to my heart and took a single, small vial, of blood and charged $1100 for it.  Someone turned a profit and didn’t do anything for it.  I won’t go there.  That’s a rant for a whole other place.

Yeah, that’s my life.  No wonder I’m trying to find other ways to make money while working my tail off at Wally World.

In other news, my son met with another person, this one from DHS, today to see if he qualified for what is called wrap around services.  Seeing his home environment and how he behaves away from school amused the guy.  He talked with us and looked over the papers my son’s therapists gave me about his diagnosis of ADHD and encopresis.  Colin doesn’t qualify for those services, but he will be given a coach to handle his anger management at school while he goes through therapy for his speech and social skills.

It is good news, for us anyway.  It means we don’t have to keep up with even more stuff for him.  His teachers and the principal just need to have some extra patience with him and realize he’s not a fan of crowds and gets excited easily.  As he learns self-control, things will improve, but they need to make sure the other kids don’t pressing his buttons just to see him get in trouble.  People need to quit blaming him for whatever happens.  I can, and will, catch them in their lies and make them pay for it publicly.

Enough ranting and rambling.  So much for the general news of the week for myself.