SoN&L Schtuff

As late as what it is, I’m keeping this one short just so I can say I did blog on Tuesday… err early, early Wednesday morning.  As of now it is 1:07 CST and my eyes are drooping way low.

I was supposed to ramble on about the next novel I intend to publish,  Society of Night and Lies.  There will be an excerpt or two posted onto SoN&L’s own page as well, to give people a taste of the story itself.  For now, it is being edited and this is going slow due to work schedules and such.

I’ll have a long talk about this one after I settle in at mom’s to do laundry.  Then… maybe… I’ll do tomorrow’s blog sometime after.  😉

Rest well and chat with you later!

2 thoughts on “SoN&L Schtuff

  1. So, you are going to turn SoN&L into a novel, eh? Awesome. To a point, I wish I had kept up with my writing and maybe even collaborated with you more on that world. I wish there weren’t so much going on that I can’t focus on writing, but I am proud of you and I always will be. Knock ’em dead, kiddo

    1. Yeah, those who had read it have suggested it and like the story line more than they do Black Friday. I have a friend at work who is helping with the editing and she says she can’t put it down. 😀

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