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Like I had said last night, I’m going to tell you about my next novel up for publishing, Society of Night and Lies; better known as SoN&L.

Society of Night and Lies takes place in a world similar to our own after a large world war that destroyed many cities.  The setting takes place a couple of decades after when a lot of rebuilding has been done but memories of the war still dictate how things are accomplished.  While not militant,many places have a strict hierarchy including the society known as the Claw and Fang.

The Claw and Fang are similar to the mysteries and legends of a group called the Illuminati and what conspiracy theorists think the Masons are.  The chapter the main character, Sabrina, deals with is mostly assassins who protect the secrets of this huge secret society from getting into the wrong hands.  This isn’t to say they are Men in Black ™, but people who kill for a living. Members can request an assassin or two to take care of ‘problems’ that arise without leaving a trail.

Sabrina was an assassin who dealt in poisons and kept quite a few handy for special occasions.  She, like others in the Claw and Fang, was trained in their particular field as well as in martial arts and handling weapons.  On top of the killer training, she was given a good education and taught to blend in where ever she may find herself.

In this first part of the trilogy, Sabrina talks about her past and lead her to leave the Claw and Fang while trying to find and free her cousin who was taken captive by an old enemy within the society.  If her talent with poisons hadn’t been so good, perhaps the leader and her old enemy would have wanted her back with them so badly.  She could have had a peaceful life had news of her being alive not gotten out after an altercation she and her husband had not long before helping a friend sometime before the story begins.

Inspiration for this book comes from a friend of mine I met in text based role playing games and featured my character, my ex’s character, and others in a short story series.  The world this takes place in belongs to this very sweet and intelligent guy.  It is with his permission that I wrote this story and hope to have published one say soon.    He, like me, writes in what we call furry; anthropomorphic animals.  They are still very human like in these stories and that’s just fine to me.  😀

I will be posting an excerpt soon for Society of Night and Lies: The Past Through Shadows.  Might be much later tonight but it will be soon.  Just look under the SoN&L page here on WordPress.


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