News Flash!

Facebook is addictive.  Worse yet, Zynga makes some of the best games.  My fave?  empires and Allies!!  The only game you can do more than visit and get XP and coins.  You get to actually invade your neighbors AND wander through these quests to ‘save’ the world from the bad guys.  I like it.  It’s a lot of fun.

Because of that, I honestly did not want to role play, or even sit here and think about a post for today.  I still don’t want to write a post but I am doing it anyway because I need to do something to help inspire writing and maybe lure a few people in to reading my stuff and go looking for what is available. I really, really, REALLY, need to transcribe what I have written of book 2 of Black Friday.  Four chapters done, by hand, and not a letter put into a word doc of any sort for editing and all that junk.

Oh well…

Let’s see… today is Thursday, so that means I get to talk about one of my favorite thing!  NaNoWriMo!!!

Five more months and the insanity begins.  No idea what I’ll be writing during November as of yet.  Could be anything.  Funny thing is, I never know until the last minute and I start to write.  That’s how SoN&L began, as a NaNo novel.  First time out and I managed to beat the challenge with about 2000 plus words to spare just to give the story a decent ending.  Part two, which is scrapped, it didn’t fit well at all was written as a self challenge during June and did fairly well.  Just beat the self challenge by 50 words or so.  Part 3, needs to be finished, but when November had ended, I had just over 0K words and the story has a lot more to be done.

Only the last few of years I didn’t finish and with good reason, too.  Last November, I was just too busy with life in general to sit and write.  Year before, I was too busy working on completing Black Friday to do anything else.  Before that, I managed to belt out a manuscript that sounded like a story but wasn’t worth keeping, too incoherent to make sense at all.  That came on the tail end of me moving back to Oklahoma.  Finally, the last incomplete story came before then.  It was about a character of mine in the Champions universe.  She was looking back on her life in the days she had to live.  What I had was written in the two weeks I had after moving to North Carolina.  The weeks prior were devoted to packing.  Very good excuse for that one.  Still, 25000 words were written in two weeks, so I could have done it if the move hadn’t happened.

Who knows what this year’s story will be.  I do intend on writing this year, especially if I can get the habit of playing on Facebook broken.  >.<  Bad, bad, very bad habit.

Other than drawing in a sea of weird, if fun, Facebook games, I had a rather productive day.  Not as productive as I wanted, but good enough that I’m happy.  Had to take Colin to his speech therapist today.  After that, all of us, Dave, the twerp, and I went to Best Buy and did some actual hands on shopping for a new gadget for Dave.  While there, I took a peek at some much needed home appliances.  (Too expensive no matter how you look at it)  Then, we took a drive buy a few apartment complexes to see what Dave thought of them.lose to mom, my son’s school, and work; even a few convenience stores should we need something fast.

Right now, I’d  take a cot under an overpass just to get out of Tulsa Housing.  They love to ‘inspect’ your apartment often.  Often enough I call it invasion of privacy.  These people look through everything.  Their concern should only be the visible, PUBLIC, areas, not the person areas of the apartment.  I do not like people peaking in my bedroom, bathroom, and closets to see if everything is kept clean and in good condition.  I’ll be so happy to have my privacy back and no more snoopy government morons poking about my business.

If any of you moronic dolts working for the Tulsa Housing Authority read this, take it personally because you are getting on my last nerve with all these inane inspecting and looking into my private life by waltzing into my bedroom without my permission.  Giving notice you are coming means nothing.  You ASK to be allowed to see beyond the living room and kitchen.  May as well not bother asking, the answer will always be a resounding NO to you.  Stay out of my business!

Next week, I’ll post something new and different to this blog.  😉  I won’t tell.  You will have to guess.