Saturday Night Post

If anyone thought I had forgotten about writing a post yesterday, you’re sort of correct.  I was just too tired after work to much of anything.  Learning to be a pharmacy tech is not as easy as it sounds.

There’s a lot of math required and I suck at math beyond the basics.  Thankfully I have a good calculator on my phone to help otherwise people would get too much or not enough when it comes to certain medicines.  The pharmacists are helpful, for now.

They’ll get tired of my constant questions soon enough.  I am insatiably curious about new things and there’s a lot of stuff in pharmacy to keep my brain whirling.  So much information concerning medication alone to add more depth to a couple  of characters of mine which are awaiting some scenes in other stories.

Okay, anyway, about last night…

Furry erotica can be complicated depending on what you are wanting to convey.  Keeping to a plot and letting the sexual scenes be the reward or a small part of the story itself isn’t easy but it can be fun to do.

From my boyfriend I have an idea for a story about our characters Vorn and Firiel.  They are married and a rather mixed couple.  Vorn is a coonie folca; a mix of elf and raccoon morph.  Firiel is a saber-toothed feline morph.  Vast difference between the both of them.  She’s a trained ranger and he’s a scavenger, better known as a treasure hunter and is pretty good at it thanks to his raccoon heritage.

The idea is, they have settled down to raise a family.  Being a ranger, Firiel is called away often to handle problems with arguing tribes, beasts, and other things.  Vorn stays at home, raising their children while she’s away.  This puts strain on their relationship over the years.  He has plenty of oportunity to get a little companionship on the side, but with holds.  He ‘cheated’ once but that could not be helped and Fire understood why.

As way to celebrate their anniversary, he tries to keep what he’s doing on the sly until the big day and the whole surprise finished.  What ends up happening is his secrecy and a few details not very well covered up make Fire suspicious and the story  there.  It’s a lovely idea and one which will end in a glorious ending with all kinds of tension an drama.

I have another idea for the two, which I may end up using for NaNo,  that is a very touching time for the pair.  Vorn is long lived thanks to his elven blood but Firiel isn’t so lucky.  She has the option to live longer from the friends and allies she’s made over the course of her life but refused them all.  Vorn has to watch her age and grow old while he remains young looking and energetic.  That story will take place while he tends to her on her deathbed and recalls memories with her.  It’ll be a bittersweet story and I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle certain parts very well myself.

Which means… I’m going to have an alternate story to write when the sadness of the first gets to be too much.  I’m thinking something about my escaped science experiment, Kree.  I won’t tell you much about her.  She’s a bit scary according to her sheet and made with a specific purpose in mind.  I may make short story with her for the erotica book.  Don’t know just yet if I will or not.

Since today is Saturday, I’ll go ahead and add in something about Way of the Comet.

Upon reading what I have of it, there’s a lot of lame cliches  in there which I’m going to change as I go through and edit things a bit.  Much too girly in how it sounds.  But, that’s something I’m going to have to do as I go along.

I’ll spotlight a characters from Way of the Comet, instead, tonight.


ShadowWing is a winged unicorn. Do not call her an alicorn, they are a different race from her winged herd but they are related.  As far as horses go, she’s about 15 hands at the withers, and looks like she as Arabian blood in her to give a very finely chiseled profile and thing lines.  Her body fur is a rich black with wispy feathering on her lower legs.  Mane and tail are a mid shade of gray resembling tarnished silver.  The spiraling horn she has is approximately two feet long, onyx with a thing streak of silver following the spiral from tip to base.  Eyes of a deep ocean blue show intelligence and fire when her temper decides to fire up.  With a wingspan of about 2 feet or more, she can soar with the birds high in the sky.  The feathers range from a pale cloudy gray to a charcoal color, making for an interesting shading from tips of her flight feathers to the bases of her wings.  In her own right, she is a magnificent creature.

ShadowWing tends to be serious most of the time, keeping to the task that was given to her.  She’s possessive when it comes to teaching her charge, Larana,, the ways of magic and the world she was born to rule one day.  When it comes humor, she doesn’t have much time for frolicking and joking.  She’d be the perfect straight man… err… mare in a comedy show.  She’s quite the opposite of Larana.  While she can be a stick in the mud, her persistence has it’s own rewards and everything she has learned has a strong foundation to those who have her on their side.

But, if anything at all happens to Larana, she is right there to track her down and take care of the people who took her away.  She takes her job of protecting the girl very seriously and knows how to use her hooves and horn in a fight.  Underneath that hard exterior, there is a softer side, someone who worries and cares too much for those around her.  All she wants is to be accepted by her peers and wipe away the stigma that has become associated with those like herself in the herds.

While she does have someone she loves and wants to spend her life with, she thinks she has no time to spend on something so frivolous.  He is her companion and she adores him, he is her anchor to reality and the voice of reason when her stubborn streak won’t let her see what is in front of her face.

That’s just who she is.  ShadowWing is based off of no one in particular.  She’s a mix of different people I have known growing up; my best friend from school, my mentor, my mother, sister, one of my aunts, a piano teacher and English teacher.  They all show up in her various moods and how she approaches the obsticals that get in her way as she carries Larana to her throne.

That’s it for Saturday night, peeps.  Hope you enjoyed the ideas and the spotlight on one of my novel characters.