Black Friday Spotlight

It is Sunday once again.  Amazing how the week flies by when you busy with work and other fun stuff.  This weekend has been full of strange stuff coming from the customers at work.Three stand out but one tops them all.  A man called from the emergency room here in Tulsa (not going to say which one for the sake of HIPPA) and wanted us to call another emergency room in another town south-west of here so he could have his medication sent to him here in Tulsa.  Not a bad request, but one we cannot do.  He needs to speak with his ER doc when he gets there about it so they can transfer from hospital to hospital since it was the other ER who prescribed them and has them waiting for him.

After our refusal, polite as it was, he asked if we would call the police so they could go get them.  Another no.  Fire department/EMS?  Nope, no can do.  He needs his meds RIGHT NOW!  Still, no we cannot do this.  He got mad at my co-worker with her constant refusals to contact the other place even after she explained to him his ER doc will handle  it.  He went as far as asking if we could call Sam Walton (who is dead), then demanded we call the Waltons to go get his med.  Dude was on crack or something to even think about that.

Seriously.  This happened yesterday.

Thankfully, I am no longer a cashier or I would have had to deal with this winner at the cigarette counter.  Dude comes up, cuts in front of people and asks for cigarettes.  upon being told to wait in line, he says and I quote, “I do not wait in line for anything”.  He then proceeded to try to walk into the bullpen where we keep the cigs and other smoking stuff that requires an ID up front to get them himself thinking he is all high and mighty.  Out smallest CSM blocked him.  She stood there and dared him to push her out of the way or hit her.  She may be little but she is a force to be reckoned with.  I know for a fact she would have nailed him between the uprights if he so much as nudged her and we’d all defend her saying it was self-defense.  What is funny, is he called her a skanky b*tch and the other CSM who was watching while on the phone handling another situation a skanky whore for not letting him get what he wanted right then and there.

I am not kidding, this actually happened.

This heat has brought the really crazy people.  It has been in the triple digits here in Oklahoma.  Smart people stay indoors where it is cool and only come out during the early morning or late evening when it isn’t so hot or humid.  The crazy ones come out during the hottest part of the day to torture us.

Now, why I put that tidbit from my weekend here is because people like this become the cannon fodder for my various stories and I need to find them easily for future reference.  These ‘special’ people will definitely be used somewhere in book two of Black Friday for somebody to tear apart or at least antagonize our poor therians while they try to avoid trouble.

Now, for our spotlight character of the book, Nick.

Nick, or better known as Nicholas, in the story is the one the therian prophecy told was coming to help save their race.  He was also the sign that said, the therians were going to die out of something wasn’t done.  It all depends on how you look at it and which side you’re on.

He’s a wolf therian, nothing spectacular about him.  Decent good looks, rugged, not too muscled but strong enough.  He’s a quiet sort of person that likes to watch people and doesn’t bother anyone.  But, he is quite sociable.  Instead of being off on his own, he’d rather be around other people.  There’s a fighting spirit inside him, which tends to get him into trouble when he decides to dig in his heels and be stubborn.  He can, and will, snap in the figurative sense if he doesn’t like something.  While this can be very trying on the most patient of people, it can give him an edge by simply being too ornery and unpredictable in a fight.

Being a guy, he does like his sports, football, basketball, boxing, the usual things men like though not so much into racing or golf; too repetitive.  In his youth, he’s gone into little league and took wrestling in high school, giving him a lean form that is deceptively strong.  Nick can run and loves the outdoors, gone camping or hiking.  Being with nature wasn’t something he did until he met Karina.

Due to circumstances, his awakening had to thrust on him to save his life after meeting his first coven of demons while trying to get away from a mage who was going to end up brain washing him for their purposes.  (it’s a little twisted)  His own stubbornness brought about a twist that he, nor Karina, wanted; which made him learn from her and hid his memories until he was ready.  His folly did allow her time to teach him properly without a lot of fighting or questions unless needed.  It also gave him a better introduction to the world of therians.

Once set on the right path to fulfill the prophecy, he was more willing and took the obstacles that came up in stride without faltering too much.

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