And Life Moves On…

Mondays, anywhere are rarely a good day.  Most people are just coming off their weekend to begin a new work week while others are nearing the end of their word week and having to wait on the people coming off their weekend.

What makes Mondays so terrible?  Has anyone ever really out any thought into the reason behind our dislike of Mondays?

The lucky people are given two days off together, Saturday and Sunday, to rest and get things done, maybe even go worship at some holy place if they so choose.  Responsible people tend to household chores like laundry, cleaning, and yard work and if there’s time, go out to a car show, or something fun depending on the season.  Others relax the whole time, sipping on a cold drink and doing nothing productive.  All the better for them.  A few go out and party those two days away starting Friday night after work and don’t stop until some time on Sunday and wonder where their weekend went.

It could be no one likes Mondays because that is the first day back after two days off.  They’re relaxed and free of stress; supposedly.  That first day back disrupts the calm they built over those two days and many do not respond well to disruptions very well.  Depending on the person, they are probably dealing with a hangover.

What ever the reason, it is the people who they go to for food, drink, and other necessities that catch the brunt of their displeasure at having to end their weekend.  These poor people have done nothing to bring about this attitude except try to pleasant and do their jobs.

There is nothing wrong with Mondays.  It has become the perception of people who just do not want to end their weekend.  Monday is just another day of the week and should be treat as such no matter what happened the day before.  Be glad you’re alive and able to get out and about..  Be thankful that you had two days to rest so you can return to the job you have.  Right now,  many people cannot say they have reliable income coming in to feed and clothe their children.

Each day we wake up breaks our previous record of living”  This is a quote that should be at the front of everyone’s mind.  It is good to be alive and moving forward.  Live and love, that is what gets people through pain and suffering.  Just because it is Monday doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what has been given to you.

Some facts about Monday.  I believe it comes from ancient Norse, but Monday is Moon day.  Crazy Englishmen shrunk it down to Mon, though maybe it has something to d with the translation.  I’m not sure.  It is the day of the moon where ancient people took time to worship our natural satellite just as they did the sun and other things.  Ceremonies which focused on the moon were called moon days.  How it because the second, or first day of the week depending on how you look at it, is beyond me.  But, to have it follow its opposite (Sunday) seems appropriate to me.

Life moves on no matter what.

I find it funny that there are people out there who say they can tell by the quality of something which day of the week it was made on.  If the quality truly sucks and could barely pass an inspection, it was made on a Monday.  If the quality looked rushed and half done, it was made on a Friday.  Items made on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday had decent quality though Wednesday, being the middle of the week, had the best.

I can see the logic in that.  Makes sense, but then I believe items made in certain countries are little more than cheap junk while others are higher quality.  It’s all in how you look at it.  Anything can slip through quality control at any plant.  One flaw may cause a lot of problems, but that’s just how things go.  Don’t blame the trouble caused by a flawed object on a day.  Blame it on the fact that someone didn’t see it or the computers which help didn’t process it fully.

What I see is a bunch of excuses for being in bad moods on certain days of the week.  It is simply a day, a name we tagged to that day so we can keep track of where we are in the month and year.  It is a name on a period of 24 hours which appears once every seven days.  There is nothing wrong with Mondays.  They are a new beginning just like any other day.

Life moves on no matter what.

Monday was here and has since moved on.  It’ll return again in six days and I’m looking forward to it.  I don’t know what will happen, but I know it’ll be another day in my life in which I’m happy to be alive.  That’s all I need to know.