Another day, another Post

I couldn’t think of anything better to title this post so it doesn’t get repetitious.  Too much repetition gets boring, annoying, and other negative words which I’d rather not have to type out at midnight.

Before I get into tonight’s topic of Society of Night and Lies, I want to talk about something I find funny from work today.  The other girls at work got a good giggle out of this and my supervisor thins it is just too strange.  These people know me.  Hell, anyone who takes the time to get to know me finds out that I am a flirt.  Much of the time, I flirt and not even realize it.

The flirting is probably why I’ve been stranded on a register for much of my adult life.  People respond to it, smile, and let the frustrations of employees ignoring them due to helping others fall away.  I very rarely got complaints.  It was a sad day when I left the registers to work in the pharmacy.

People have an excuse to be cranky there.  I won’t list the reasons because we all know them and understand.  What bad attitudes I encounter are accepted and the people do appreciate the fact I am trying to do what I can to help them get their meds and make them smile.  Nothing at all wrong with that.

Unless, of course, you are  insecure about your relationship with your guy.  Hense my one complaint.  Woman calls Saturday saying one of us tech was flirting with her husband and the pharmacist on duty told her to call Monday to speak to him about  it.  Instead, the lady, and her husband come in today and talk to him in person.  They didn’t make a huge deal about it and kept calm while they spoke with him.

Get this, the lady thought I was after her husband.  XD  I mean, she was scared I was going to take him away from her just because I was being nice and flirting just a little bit which he appreciated.  Really, she has nothing to fear.  I have my own guy whom I adore and can’t tell him enough.husband.

Besides, this woman’s husband is far too old for me for one, and two, he so not my type.  This couple almost define gutter trash with their raggedy clothes and general unkempt appearance. Best description for them is they look like they’ve been to Hell and back a few times.  I prefer a guy who looks clean and tries to maintain himself to some degree.  If he’s going out in public, he’ll at least put on a clean t-shirt if he’s been working outside or around the house all day.

So, my supervisor asked to calm it down some and be more careful.  No prob.  I’ll do my best but I don’t realize it until too late.  My other customers, however, don’t mind it and noticed that I’ve calmed the flirting down a bit and asked.  Most of them said it was no problem and don’t mind the flirting.  I’m not the only one who does it, so it’s no huge deal to them.  Their wives even giggle at us.

All is good.

This brings me to the spotlight story tonight.  Sabrina, my main character could very well have similar situations in her work.  Before, when she was an assassin, she flirted to get in close to her targets so she could plant the poison without their notice.  After, working in a bar, that same tendency to flirt gets her good tips and regulars who prefer that she tend to them instead of one of the others.

Sabrina, I must say, is based on myself except without all the general problems in life to make her jaded.  She’s had her loss, far too many of them which she re finding out why she was called back to the Claw and Fang.  How they knew she was still alive is a mystery to her until later in the book.

Originally, Sabrina was Sabbath or Sabreela depending on who was talking to her, but the name didn’t seem fitting for a publishable novel.  So, while going through and editing, a suggestion came up in  Open Office to correct the spelling of Sabreela.  So, Sabrina became her new name.  I kept the name Clawson because that fit her feline aspects best and sounded like a normal name you’d hear someplace.

Many characters took name changes during the first run of editing.  They were used with permission from their creators for a short story which would be on my web page over on Angelfire.  Only one, Jason Foxworth, kept his name because his owner replied and gave permission to take the story further and his character.  Others had to be renamed.  One name is actually a nick name for the character, Sabrina’s friend, Minxy, for obvious reasons.

You’ll get to her and other others soon enough.

Sabrina, well, she’s a black panther morph.  Roughly  five foot seven inches tall, about 120 to 130 pounds, slender but not skinny.  She’s a healthy lady and keeps herself fit.  Green eyes with a bit of yellow around the irises make them seem to glow on their own, but that’s just an illusion.  She’s not pure black.  No, there’s some white on her in the shape of a star on her forehead, a cross-like patch at the base of her throat, and on the tip of her tail.  Her hair is just past her shoulders in length.  Pretty but in a way that is appealing but not stand out in a crowd.

She has a quit wit and a sharp tongue, but she holds both in check for the sake of her employer and husband.  Beneath that calm exterior, there is a kitten just wanting to be held.  Children, to her, are wonderful things to enjoy and wishes she had one or two of her own.  As protective as she is of her friends, she’d probably make a decent mother.

Still, the life she had is not for a child.  Even since she left the Claw and Fang, she’s been looking over her shoulder to make sure they’ve not found her.  Obviously they did, but it took a while and some underhanded tactics to accomplish.  While trying to keep her guard up, she manages to look like a normal person in the small town she settled in with her husband.

I think I’m rambling a bit here.  Getting back on track…

Sabrina was born near the end of the war which ravaged the country she lives in.  Most of her family was lost, either by being taken off to fight or being in the wrong place at the wrong time when a bomb hit.  It was just her, a cousin, and a couple other siblings which escaped their home alive and fend for themselves after the fighting stopped.  The oldest sibling worked to help feed them and disappeared one night, leaving her and her cousin alone.  Both of them did what they could to survive until an older couple took them in after finding them half-starved and huddling together in shelter from a storm.  Life, for a time, became better for them so they could grow strong again.

When well to do gentleman came by, claiming to be with a foundation to help orphaned children, spotted Sabrina, he saw a tenacity in her that would be of use to him.  He gave her a choice to go with him or stay with her new family.  Wanting a better life, Sab took the chance while her cousin remained behind.  From that point on, her life changed.  Plenty is revealed to explain her as she works to help her friend escape certain death and free her cousin from the clutches of her most hated enemy in the Claw and Fang.  She doesn’t escape squeaky clean, but that is to be revealed when this book is published.

For now, the next run of editing is done.  A friend helped to fix the obvious grammar mistakes and offered suggestions for areas needing work.  ETA for submission? Sometime around December if things well.  Instead of using Xlibris, I may try submitting to a normal publishing house.  There’s still a lot of work to do on this one.