Camp NaNo?

My favorite time of the year is coming up.  In just five months, NaNoWriMo will be starting.  still no idea what I’ll be writing, but there’s more ideas now to consider.

I love NaNo!  But, there’s something new happening this summer.  Camp NaNoWriMo and it is a small twist on the normal 30 day challenge.  Instead of one novel of 50,000 words in 30 days, you do two in two months.  Each are to be 50K long.  If I had that kind of time on my hands, I’d jump on it.  As it is, a single 50K novel will be difficult to carry out with the work hours I have now.  Even if I could do the  1667 words each day, that’d be pushing it.  Besides, I have ideas, but not that many ideas for stories.  Some just don’t appear until something inspires them like in role play or a picture, or something mentioned in conversation.

Still, it is possible but I doubt I’ll do Camp NaNo this year.  November, I can work in the time thanks to Dave.  It’s just the ideas.  Now, I do have a few which may work.

Going through my file of unfinished stories, I found several which could be rewritten and made into a decent NaNo novel.  One, I had started with a bit of role play, I called The Well of Souls.  It stars Jade, a wood elf mix, Hasanko, a vampire, and two other characters whose names I have forgotten.  The basics of this story is Jade has found a way to either bring back her murdered husband but requires a few things to accomplish this.  One item is she needs a life but she doesn’t to give her own; so she captures an old enemy who she has worked with before when she was younger to use to get her beloved back.  It is only suiting that it is the same one who killed him that brings him back.

Hasanko helped her research everything she needed to go through this strange and dangerous quest.  His library and access to ancient and strange magics shorten her arduous time in various libraries.

While it will be an adventure type story in my favorite fantasy setting, there will be elements of mystery.  A bit outside my comfort zone for writing, but it could be interesting.

Next is picking up a couple of stories I tried to write in earlier NaNos.  One actually inspired the Black Friday series but from another angle.  The other is a cross over of two very different genres but they made a good story until life blocked it.  Both were good and wrote them in tandem during NaNo to get the word count.  If one ran low on plot, the other would be worked on until an idea sparked for the other.  I’d switch back and forth until the month was over and had good stories.  One, a group wants to see finished.  The other… it needs more work.

Then, I have the one I started and got about half way before the month ended, an unnamed story about a woman named Rosie looking back on her life and telling friends, family, and a close community in hiding with her, about the events that brought her to that point before facing death.  It still has potential and could make a decent story though I’m not sure what genre other than fiction it could fit into.

If all else fails as far as something original, I have characters coming out my ears of all kinds.  Pick a few, toss them together into a plot with action, adventure, a dash of mystery and a touch of romance and drama, and we can see what comes out.

Something similar could be done for Camp NaNo.  it is a worthy challenge.  There’s still a lot of time constraints I have to deal with and July is not a good month for writing.  I have my son’s birthday to prepare for and it is too hot to concentrate on anything except keeping cool.  August is almost as bad if not worse most of the time.  We could get lucky down here in Oklahoma and July will be hot then August through fall will be wet and cool.  It has happened before.

We’ll see.  Tomorrow starts  Camp NaNo.  We’ll just see what happens before I put brain to keyboard and pound out a story or three.