Independence Weekend

For those who don’t celebrate, Monday is Independence Day for America.  You have your reasons for not joining us and that’s just fine.  They are legitimate and very real.  😀

Independence Day means different things to different people.  First and foremost in this grand country, it means the day we became a nation without England’s King George III causing trouble for our forefathers.  It was the day we proved to the world that a bunch of settlers can handle themselves without a guiding hand from overseas.  It was the time that we showed just how brave we were and what we were willing to do to make sure we could lead ourselves into the uncertain future.

Over the last 235 years or so, we have fought to maintain our rights and help others to do the same.  We grew from a handful of colonies on the eastern seaboard to a nation of 50 states and several commonwealths.  Over the course of those years, we went from several thousand to well over a billion people and growing larger with each year.

I find it hard to believe that America did not go beyond its borders until late in the 18oos to early 1900s.

For some, Independence Day is the day to remember our troops, current, past, and future, for all they have done for us.  We remember those  who have died to keep us free from tyranny,  and those who still live and remember the battles of decades past.  How many still stand tall and look up at our flag with pride today?  How many have we thanked for all they have done for us?

We are the land of the free and the home of the brave.  We are America.  While we may not look like it, we are still strong and will come out of this current economic problem better than we were before because we have something no other country does; the strength and desire of people from all over this world together in one place to build us up and push us forward.  People who have come here seeking a better life away from oppression and poverty.

What does Independence Day mean to me?  It means a day to spend with my family.  A day to show my youngest son the joy of fireworks and try to explain to him the meaning behind them.  It is a day that I take a few moments to remember my grandfather who had severed in World War two and part of the Korean war before he retired to work for the military in one of their factories building tanks.  I can still see the pride in his eyes every time he saw Old Glory flapping in the summer breeze when he’d come to visit.

My brother and ex-brother-in-law both went into the army and left after a couple of tours.  Now, my oldest nephew and next to youngest are following in their footsteps to serve our country.  Matthew has been in the military now for several years working in the civil engineering department, and Jonathan goes in this month, if he isn’t in now, for boot camp.  Several of my cousins are also in the military; one having the honor of being stationed at the Pentagon for a time.  Where he is now, I’m not sure.  He followed my uncle’s footsteps and is rising up through the ranks.

I can only hope my sons do the same and take a tour or duty or three in the armed forces.  Adam hs his own plans and I hope he does well with them.  Colin is just a bit young to understand what it means to serve our country and why.  He will definitely have the sharp wits to strengthen them one day, that much is true.  Time will tell.

Independence means a lot to the characters of my book, Way of the Comet.  Larana has to help bring together a shattered people and help keep their borders from being overrun by two nations who want to claim their land and place their people into slavery.  The political scene for this novel has several hints and a few nods to our own national history.  They will appear more and more as the story unravels.

Excerpts will be found here: .

Tonight’s excerpt will come from Chapter One.  Larana meets her new and interesting friend; ShadowWing.