Happy 4th of July


Amazingly enough, I had to work today.  Pharmacy was slow-ish, so I had time to contemplate many things.  (If you saw or smelled smoke, that is why)  What I thought about the most was what my past few blogs have been about; Independence Day and some of the history behind it.

Today’s thoughts have been about our Pledge of Allegiance.  I’m treading on dangerous ground with this one.  But I’ll move forward, just like my great grandparents did.

Back when I was in school, we stood every morning, faced the flag and placed our right hands over our hearts and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  Not everyone said it; many mumbled or stood there with blank expressions, but there were plenty who said each word with as much pride as they could muster at 8 o’clock in the morning..  I, for one, had some enthusiasm when it came to saying those words daily.

I love America.  I love what our nation stood for and I still love this country today.  I am a fourth generation American in my family.  What America stand for now is not the same as what it used to be when my great-grandmother and great-grandfather first came across the Atlantic, but we are still the melting pot of the world.

We used to stand for ruggedness and dreaming big; always reaching for what is just within our reach.  we were the definition of pioneer spirit.  Now, we’re not so much with the pioneering.  We, as a people, no longer seem to care about the ideals this nation was created under.  Too many let our ‘leaders’ do what they want without any regard for what they are doing to us.

How many congressmen and senators remember that they were voted in by the little people of this nation?  How many think about the fact that if the American people are angered enough, we will see to it that they are given the boot?  Which of them has done what they promised to get our votes?

No one wants to answer these questions.

Back to the original thought; our Pledge.  Red Skelton, a wonderful comedian and actor, had recited this in the introduction to one of his shows and gave the meaning behind each phrase as he went along.  I never knew what the Pledge of Allegiance really meant until after I saw this clip for the first time as a child.  Mr. Skelton has long since passed away, but he left our world a better place with his memory remaining bright in so many hidden places.

Listen to this before you leave.  There is so much heart-felt truth in every word he utters.

This new generation has no idea what they are doing in their headlong rush into wealth or poverty.  All they think about is their own little bubble in the world with their Me,  Me, Me, attitude. My generation and those younger need to rein them in and make them see there is far more beyond them.  We need to bring back that pioneer spirit and those big dreams that help everyone,  not just ourselves.

How ever this fourth of July finds you, whether you are American, British, or what ever, remember, we all have our day of independence.  Remember those that brought you to this point and keep you dreams tight within your grasp.