A Bit About the Anthology


It’s Friday and boy has it been a busy day.  Like normal, work was busy filling scripts, handling pick up orders, and helping people the over the counter stuff we hide in plain sight.  I was tired when I clocked out, but made myself do a bit more shopping to get the things I didn’t get on Wednesday.  *sigh*  I’m one tuckered out author.

I had every intention of jotting down some ideas I have for a short story that’ll be going into my erotica anthology.  But, when I came in, there was no energy to even think about writing and there’s several stories needing my attention now.

To be honest though, this story idea to go into the anthology could get me into some trouble with high and mighty prudes also known as critics.  Really, just for even considering it should have my keys to the gutter taken away.  >.<  But I’ll tell you one thing, it seems like a cute idea if a wild take on an old fairy tale from my childhood.

Ever heard of the story called the 12 Princesses?

If not, it is a tale about 12 princesses (duh!) who wake up every day feeling exhausted and their shoes are in shambles.  The king tries to find out what is happening to them but they keep sneaking out without any clue about where they went.  Finally, one wile guard keeps a close eye by peeking through a crack in the door and sees the girls going down a magical staircase leading beneath the castle.  He follows them through a cavern and finds them dancing for a magician or a demon.  For a few nights, he follows and watches until he overhears plans on what will be done with them.  To save the princessess’ lives, he battles this magician or demon after sneaking the girls back up the stairs.  Lucky for him, he gets to marry one of them.

That’s the gist of how the fairy tale went.  My version will take a slightly different route and probably cover a lot more time  just to fit within the general theme of the anthology.

I’m a bad, bad, girl for thinking of this,.  At least I know I’m not the first one to do it.  😛

Like?  Don’t like?  It’s not a bad idea.  At least it is jotted down for future reference.  😀