Building Tesion

You know, some times, having a slow day at work can be just as stressful as a busy day.  Sundays are normally slow in the pharmacy.  So many assume that a Wal-Mart Pharmacy is closed on Sundays when we are, in fact, open but with shorter hours due to low volume of customers.  We didn’t have much in filling either all day long so there wasn’t the normal two hours to catch up on all the prescriptions.

The quiet time did give me plenty of time to consider who, what, and why things are going to happen in my next Black Friday book.  I haven’t done any new writing lately.  Been procrastinating on the transcribing because there’s almost a whole notebook written.  Also… I kind of misplaced the notebook when I last straightened up around my desk.

>.<  I know.  I know.  Bad girl!  No cookies for me!

But, I think I decided on a working title.  A blog title from last week sparked it and it seems fitting to what will be happening in this one.  ‘When the Darkness Comes’ sounds good for now.  It may stick or not when i near the end of the book itself.

Speaking of my books.  One of the few people who have critiqued my book have said similar things.  I named characters, a lot of them, but so few of them saw any kind of play.  This is intentional.  They’ll get their time in this book, meeting up and dealing with the ones mentioned in this newly forming group.  One of the new therian will be playing antagonist, even after he learns all about what he is.  Anger issues and a stubborn, if bad, attitude will give some inner tension while they work against the outside forces.  It’ll probably be this same one which will play spy and rat them out all through this book until he’s double crossed and hurt.

I’m hoping I can put in a bit of a suspense and mystery element into this one.  The last was full of action.  This will have it’s fair share of action but some things really should be built up better to push the story along and grab the reader.  Suspense and mystery are not my strong points in writing, but I will certainly try.

Now, in all my writing, not just Black Friday, I have noticed a similar trend.  I reveal things little by little instead of all at once in the setting.  You may not find out the main character’s name until chapter two or that they have a mental illness until somewhere in the middle.  It’s all told when it needs to be known.  Strange habit of mine, but it seems to work.

Doing the same since things change between book one and book two.  It’ll still be done is first person narration which is a real b*** to do on a good day.  But, thanks to some advice from friends, it shouldn’t be too hard and fewer holes like book one has.

Don’t worry.  Book one will be reprinted when I have the money for it which will correct all the grammar mistakes and the few spelling errors.  A few places will be fixed, too.  Spots that need more information to explain the story better.  May be some time in coming.  A quarter of my paycheck goes toward a hospital bill but that’s supposed to be ending very soon.  I’m hoping next paycheck.  -.-