Spotlight: Nahana

Rather than doing a blog about something concerning writing, I’m spotlighting a character.  This interesting character appears late in the book and aids our narrator and those who have to travel with her.  His appearance comes at a time when Karina needs someone to soothe ruffled fur and give her a new view of things ahead.  Not to mention, a natural talent to handle the wounded in their party.

Nahana is a rare therian in his own right.  He was born an American Eskimo dog complete with the long fur and wolf-like markings.  His whole life, he obeyed his master and protected his home from intruders while loving the family that raised him from puppy-hood.  Oddly enough, he has a strong connection with nick, the leader of the wolf pack and savior of theriankind.  He was Nick’s dog before Nick disappeared a few years before.

Nahana’s role in the pack cover many facets.  He gives a fresh new view to their world as he learns what he is and how to use what he was given with his awakening.  Thanks to his upbringing and training as a pet, he can fight and knows how to use his instincts efficiently.  But, his primary role in the pack is being their shaman.

His awakening gave him something unique among their kind.  Though he has to learn how, he can see into the spirit realm to give advice and encouragement to his people, summon the magics needed to help defend them, but most of all in this first meeting, he knows how to heal .  Not just the basic first aid most know, but the ability to summon the power required to close wounds and make the sick well again.

With his arrival in the story, a few new twists appear which he helps to explain in Karina’s account.  Essentially, he becomes her newest student to teach therian ways while the rest of the wolf pack shows him how to live in the wild.  It is because of Nahana’s arrival that they are able to locate Nick when he’s captured and find their way to where therians and sorcerers will meet for the final battle.

In Black Friday, Nahana’s role is small.  But, in book two, his role will be more obvious.  In the time between the two books, he has learned more about what his place in the pack is and the magics he will need to control once they are given back to theriankind.  He will play a huge part in giving each their ability to shift back as each new therian is found.  His relationship with Karina will change slightly and cause a few problems of their own.

This is Nahana.  He is a hunter, a warrior, and a shaman.  If he can survive the stresses of his role, he will be able to lead them all into a brighter future.