NaNo Ideas

We’re midway through July.  Soon, my youngest turns seven then school start.  This means there is only four and a half  months until NaNoWriMo starts.  😀

I’m narrowing down my choices for what to write during that hectic, word-filled, month.  I’m still debating re-writing the second in the trilogy of Society of Night and Lies where Sabrina and Jason work against the Claw and Fang to ensure Sab’s freedom from their dark clutches.  She will need to erase everything they have on her from their files then fade away into oblivion.  It will take a lot of effort to regain who she is without being tracked down again.  A romance will end, but another will blossom during this story.

Her nemesis, Dern, will be chasing her on his own time, following Sabrina’s trail to ruin everything to gain his revenge.  He lost his standing within the Claw and Fang thanks to Sabrina, so there’s plenty for him to be mad about.  Dern does have his own following within the society, so he has his own contacts and help.  He’ll chase her across continents before they meet for their final stand at the Claw and Fang.

There’s another story I’m considering re-doing that’s about one of human characters, Rosie.  She’s ancient in this story and looking back over hr life during her final days.  Now, I may pick up and write 50K more to go with it since there’s plenty of cannon to work off of in the Champions universe.  Or, I just may start over and use what I already have as a reference to keep things in proper order until I reach the part where imagination takes over again.

Oh, there’s another human character, Athena, that has a story to tell.  She looks normal and act normal, be she’s a computer savant with control over anything electronic.  Hackers wish they had her skills.  The girl can seem like any other teen but her high intellect tips her off.  She goes from cute party girl to geek in .3 seconds.  There’s a bit of background that can be made into a great story that happens the summer before her senior year.  Have the ability to control computers and electronic equipment does make one a target for nefarious types.

I have one more, a diary-like story about Jade, an elf woman of her days before becoming a ranger and finding her husband.  Might even re-make Well of Souls and do some name changes since the people who played the two of the chars cannot be found any more.  Well of Souls has a good plot behind it and will explain a few things of the world that Jade and many of my characters live in.

There is one other, but I think I’ll work on it when one of the others is stuck.  It’s a cross over between two very different universes.  I haven’t looked at it in ages and have done some illustrations.  We’ll see.  This one really needs to be finished and I’ve gathered information about the one species which is featured to make them fall into a more cannon state alongside the other.

Quite a few ideas running about in my head.  At least it has been pared down from what it was.  We’ll see which one gets the main focus this year and which gets secondary for when the other is stuck.  Hey!  maybe even make it an anthology of short stories that are related to one another.

Like I said… we’ll see how things look when the time comes.