Way of the Comet

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My apologies for not posting the couple of days.  Work and life in general has kept me away from the keyboard until freakishly late.  It is my opinion that a blog post of any type should be coherent and interesting, not rushed and filled with horrible sounding grammar and opinions due to a sleepy mind.  Needless to say, everything is calm again and posting should resume on schedule once again.  With luck, posts will come earlier in the day instead of late at night.

haha!  One could only hope.

Today is Saturday, the day before my youngest son’s birthday and the one day set aside to talk about my first real novel in progress, Way of the Comet.

I decided to post chapter nine of this story in its entirety on the WotC page on this blog for the curious readers. The link will open up in a separate window so it won’t disturb your reading here.  This is the point in the story where Larana meets the enemies of her real parents and gets a good taste of what they are like.

The nation this newly introduced group are in fact enemies of most of the nations of this land Larana is visiting.  They are intent on enslaving their neighbors.  Those they don’t enslave, they intend to tax to death and put to work in the deepest mines they have so they won’t have to do the hard work themselves.   It isn’t like they don’t want to do the work, they think digging in the dirt or the basic chores anyone does in a day is beneath them.  They think they are superior to everyone else because of their military strength and natural cunning.

I based this nation off the Nazi movement in many ways.  Their monarch will be something like Hitler where he thinks he’s doing good for the world by trying to rule them all nd force his ideals on everyone.  His wolf-people are the master race while the rest are sub-par at best.  He turns a blind eye to the slavers which are his eyes and ears across the continent.  This allows them to capture who they want and make some money on the side as long as they report once in a while on what they see and hear.

We won’t meet this maniacal monarch until much later.  For now, Larana has to figure out where she is and keep from being killed by the slave traders that have taken her hostage.

That’s the gist of this chapter where the antagonists are starting to come out to play instead of being mentioned.

This chapter, like the rest is short; very short.  For now, it stands at six pages long and only  2,488 words.  It needs a lot of filler and padding to give the reader a better image of what is going on and where they are and what the heroine is feeling.  This is only the second draft of the story, so there’s a lot of work to do.

You know, I could pick this story up again and try to push it along for another 0K words during NaNoWriMo.  Need to do something with it no matter what.  It has been sitting on Chapter 10 for about four years now.

Any suggestions and critiques are welcome.  The grammar is very rough, so please be kind.  It will be fixed once the story is complete.  Well, a good ending point, anyway.


P.S. : For those curious, I am posting the chapters randomly on purpose.  CH9 was the one most ready for posting.  The rest need some serious editing to cover misspelled words and grammar mistakes.