Black Friday Stuff

Today was my youngest son’s birthday  He turned seven years old.  With his problems with ADHD and other mental problems, he has managed to survive without either me or his father strangling him.  😉  Just kidding, though there have been a time or two when he’s come close.  I love him no matter what.  I love him as much as I love my oldest boy who will be 17 this October.

Watching my little boy run around with his little cousin had me wondering.  How would therians regard a birthday?  It would be a valid question a new therian would ask an experienced one during their acclimation and training.  It would definitely be something Nick would ask Karina when the subject comes up.  He was born human and celebrated his birthday each year then, when he was awakened, that changed.  So much was going on, the question would have been pushed to the back of his mind until something or someone reminded him.

In the first book. Karina has talked about how a therian ages.  Due to their shifting ability and the different rate at which each side of their being ages, it is much slower than an average human.  If I recall my story correctly, Karina stated she was about 50 something but he she appeared to be in her late 20s early 30s and still able to bear children, though she has not had one outside her animal form, yet.  But, when they finally did start to show their age, it came on quickly; over the course of a decade or so if they lived to their ‘old age’.

It makes sense.  With their abilities, they’d have a slower aging process.  But then, that slower aging could be one of the blessings their gods have given them to pass down to their children from the early days of their people.  It would be an advantage with other abilities, such as healing being very rare.  Those with the healing ability would be shamans to take care of the tribes within the packs, prides, herds, or what have you.

Magic itself is kept within the shamans of the different types so it is controlled.  Magic meaning anything beyond their shifting ability.  The shifting isn’t considered magic to them.  Making something from noting, or summoning a demon or spirit is considered magic to therian traditions.

Back to the subject.  A birthday may not be recognized with an animalistic way of thinking.  Birthdays are a human concept and celebrating them is most definitely a human thing.  Still, there could be a few who want to take note with something special on that one day of the year.  So the next question would be, how would they celebrate a birthday?

That is a very good question right there.  Perhaps, with wolves, they’d get together and howl and maybe have a ritual kind of hunt for the birthday wolf.  It is a social thing they’d enjoy.  Could be certain birthdays would make milestones in a wolf’s life; such as going from adolescent to adult, adult to elder, apprentice to shaman.  With the human side fairly strong in them, they’d keep a calendar to keep track of when these days would occur.

A birthday for any therian can also be the day they were awakened to what they are.  It would be a memorable day for anyone.  Strange dreams of hunting and killing suddenly become true and you watch yourself turn from human to a wild creature.  That would stick with most anybody.  The mental shift is subtle compared to the physical shift, that is for sure.

Looking at it from Karina’s point of view would give the subject a different cast.    More of her past will be coming out in this next book, but the first gives a good glimpse into why she is the way she is.  Human nature alone made her different due to her handicap.  Not being able to speak made her seem less than human to most people because she’s not perfect like them.  (Like anyone could be perfect)  The same goes for any other handicap that’s visible or not.  It is how we are.  Sad as it may be.

Her parents would be her biggest supports with some nut job doctor wanting to ‘fix’ her problem.  Karina’s birthday could be a small affair in her family, something to take notice so she’d fit in better with other kids in the mute and deaf community but not something they’d go all out for like I or any other parent would do given the funds.

Marcus, on the other hand, would probably make a bigger deal out of a birthday.  He’s far more social and more than likely made note of when his first litter was born and ensured they understood why that day was important to them once they got to First Home.  I’m sure he’d do a lot more after they figure out what the date is during their winter hiding in the Appalachian Mountains.

There will be many trips down into civilization to keep up with the news and what is going on with their kind as they are found by the government and other hunters.

I keep going off subject…

Nick and the newly awakened they have found will be the ones to bring up this subject to Karina.  How she’ll explain it, I’m not too sure, just yet.  She could remain calm with Hathor whispering in her ear the whole time, or be her normal terse self while teaching them the basics until she has her role fully learned and in use.

We’ll see how she does soon enough.  For now, writing is paused until I get off my lazy butt and transcribe the 40 pages I have written now.  >.<  Round one editing needs to begin soon on this piece.