I know today I was to discuss some about Society of Night and Lies, but I’m experiencing some technical difficulties.  The monitor to my main PC has been infected by gremlins that want to turn it on and off; especially when I am trying to concentrate on writing something, transcribing, or even playing a game.  In other words, the power switch is flaking out and wreaking havoc with it.  Even when powered off, it turns itself on and off.

Good news is, I have a laptop I can use.  I just need to remember my passwords and such.  I also need to clean off my desk a bit to set it up again.  It is a bit cluttered at the moment.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back as soon as I can to enrich your lives with more rambling about my stories and ideas, and maybe a bit about my everyday life.  It may be a week before anything coherent is written, but I’ll be posting again soon.

Everyone be careful while I’m down.  If you have suggestions or critiques about the stuff I have posted, feel free to comment.  I find an honest critique useful and do use it to improve things.