I’m Back…

sort of…

I say sort of because my monitor is still being flaky, just not as bad as it was before.  I have a temporary fix for now so I can catch up on writing and doing blogs.  At least there is a good fix in place until I can replace this monitor.

This down time has affected the transcribing of book two of Black Friday and a lot of artwork.  I WAS going to focus on the books and scanning in some new pictures but I was sucked in by Pioneer Trail on Facebook *bad girl for getting sucked in so easily) and getting some cleaning done around the house.  With inspections occurring without notice, we have to scrub everything when I’m home to last until the next day off.

That means very little work has been done to anything beyond building a homestead and other games.  >.<  I don’t have much to mention about Black Friday or its sequel today, bt there will be some news for tomorrow and catch up from the last few weeks.

Hope no one missed me too much!  =^.^=