Mid-week News!

Finally!  A little time without the tired brain mush or someone trying to gain my attention for whatever.  I’m able to get back on track with my book and life blogging.  Not that a lot has happened in the last few weeks.  Far from it.  >.<

With it being back to school time, my whole sleep schedule is thrown off.  So is Colin’s, my son, but we’ll get accustomed to it in no time.  So expect nights when there is no blog to laugh or groan over.  Also, at this time, my work schedule has made a temporary change so my late night journals probably won’t be as frequent but I’ll try to post at least once a day.

I’m now among the lucky people who have weekends off.  For the first time in years, I have both Saturday and Sunday to rest and relax after a long week and not have to spend my spare time running around town doing errands.  One day will still be devoted to laundry and the other to whatever needs to be done.  Transcribing and general artwork sound good when I’m not working on chores around the house.  But this new schedule has thrown a wrench in the smooth working of my son’s therapy days are.  Thankfully, I have a great boss and great therapists who are willing to work with us.  Mom is even added to this equation to help get the little turkey home, or to me at work, on these days when I have to go in early and still be able to keep times off the clock to a minimum beyond lunch.  Still looking at about two hours with half an hour devoted to eating my lunch.

That’s it as far my life and family.  Not much, just general changes which could affect my blogs.  Of course, there is the evil Zynga and Facebook that keeps drawing me into their crazy games to distract me also.  *sigh*  If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.  ;P

Now, for the books.

For the first one out, I’ve yet to start the re-editing and filling out of a few scenes that were pointed out to me.  But, the company I self published with still wants me to add it to their list of books to promote to directors and such as either a TV series/movie, or a full film.  Honestly, I can see it being a CGI animated or even a traditional animated movie with some known voices; such as Uma Thurman doing Karina’s voice (narration and mental voice) because of the feline like quality to how she speaks. and Jeremy Irons for Marcus’ voice.  I’d even provide some basic ref sheets for how they look in animal form for their artists to work in at whatever studio gets to do it.

It’s an idea for now but one that really needs to wait until I have a reprint for sale so people can enjoy the book with the movie.

As for book two, it is in bad need of transcribing right now.  I have half of one notebook hand written with more needing to be written.  I’m kind of stuck but I’m trying to set things for this first group.  These characters are going to be playing a big part in what happens later.  One of them, I’m not telling who, will be doing his version of Judas to Karina, her husband, Nick, and her parents.  Things are going to get very grim for them and her surviving children are going to have to spring them loose as well as make a very tenuous alliance with one of their enemies.

A few twists are in store, but those won’t be revealed until it is time for them.  Right now, the therians are gathering, being lured to Karina and her family and not knowing or understanding why.  She, in turn, is being drawn toward them to bring them into the safety of the pack/pride and teach them what they need to know.  Things are definitely going to get dark before it starts to get better.  Even the humans will get a surprise of their own when they find out who is really pulling the strings and running things.

Society of Night and Lies is still being edited by my good friend at work.  Her spare time is limited so I’m not rushing her to finish it and she enjoying the reading, too.  I do know that she is about 3/4 done if not a bit more with the transcript she has now.  I need to go through what I do have and make the corrections there then, when it is all done, hand the copy over to Dave and one other to beta read and find the places that need building and smoothing out.  The story itself needs another 30K minimum to meet the requirements for publishing through Xlibris, but, I think I’m going to make this one extra polished and submit to as many publishing houses as I can and see who picks up.  I love the story itself and the characters.  I do have an idea on how to add in a few thousand words.  Get some history on Jason Foxworth, the man Sabrina was sent to kill.  That’ll help give him some extra life and maybe a bit of background on a few others, too.  Not a lot of monologues, but something make them seem more alive and likable, except for Dern and he’s supposed to be hated.

As for the furry erotica, it’s coming along.  I’ve written down a few ideas in a notebook on pairings and the ideas for them to go along with the first few I’ve mentioned.  These will be short stories and mostly original characters I’ve created for roleplay over the years.  The hard part will be keeping out of established themes which would require a lot of permissions to use for my own writing.  No way am I going to be able to use a Star Trek them with my characters, or something out of SG: Atlantis.  As much as I would love to, there’s no way I’ll be able to do it.  Maybe one day, if I’m invited by the creators of those series, I’ll do a short story or three to add into a compilation.

Lastly, and certainly not forgotten is Way of the Comet.  This story is still stuck, but I think I figured a way to move it forward to a point where the princess will be rescued along with the friends she’s made, but not before she’s been tortured a bit to help remind her to not lose focus and to get mad enough at the slave traders to have them brought in later.  It’ll also set up a sub-plot to save the people she was told about by the old griffin.  You’ll find out about him later.  I may post some of the most recent chapter if I haven’t already.

As far as NaNo is concerned, I’m going to give it a try this year but set a small, personal goal with the main one being the most important to reach due to time constraints.  The story for it hs been decided.  I’m going to pick up an older NaNo novel and finish it.  May be a few of them if things go well for me during November.  Anyway… we’ll see how things go.  It’s only August now and there’s a few more months left to consider what to write.

Hope you all didn’t miss me too much!