Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Have you ever had a day just completely escape from you?

I did.  I remember crawling out of bed around noon-ish after staying up way too late playing on Facebook.  (Zynga game just suck me in far too easily)  Got up, took my time waking up and debating if I wanted food.  Eventually ate around one or so then suddenly found myself scrubbing down the stair well and the bathtub.  The banisters are almost done, just a few feet left on one side and the bathtub almost sparkles.   I still have walls which need wiping down but those will have to wait until Wednesday after work or next weekend.

I did eventually get out of the house and picked my son up from his grandmother’s place, grabbed the last of the laundry then came home and got sucked into Zynga games again.  >.<  At least most of the dishes were done and dinner made before it got too late then managed to get lunch together for tomorrow and just finished making some homemade rice pudding for tomorrow’s breakfast.  Mmmmm… I love homemade rice pudding.  Nothing beats it in my book.  It’ll be something to stick with me until lunch tomorrow and make for a happy tech in pharmacy.

Honestly, I was going to do some inking and line work on a sketch or two I have in my archives.  There’s still a lot of transcribing left to be done as well on book two of Black Friday.  I’ve not touched it in so long, the transcribing sessions will have to get me back into the groove and remember what is going on with Karina and friends.  It’ll also help to find the notes on the characters I had made about who is who and has what kind of quirk or talent they have, plus their names.  Only a few and I can’t decide which survived the fight at the end of book one.

Looking back, there was a lot of fighting going on in that first book.  But, I think it helped to set the stage for what is going on in the world of therians and what they have to deal with.  There is so much to be done, I wonder if it hasn’t overwhelmed me to the point I don’t want to think about it.

Bad thinking there on my part.  There are words to edit to edit and a bunch of stories just begging to be set free and introduced to the public.  How authors like Stephen King and Piers Anthony did it is beyond me.  Anne McCaffrey is a marvel with how many different stories she churned out in such a small space of time.

Really, I need help in more ways than one.  -.-

Ah well, back to the routine of keeping myself writing.  I may have to start making use of the time I have in the mornings before work after I get my son off to school.

Any who…

Write more later.  I got to get some sleep.  Six o’clock comes early in the morning.  Eesh!


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