Keeping it short and sweet once again.  It is late and tomorrow is going to be busy with not only work but with pestering the school transportation department and hopefully having a new place to live.

NaNo is coming, just two months away now.  I have what I want to work on prepared and I should be able to get 50K words easy.  There will be two incomplete stories being worked on.  One is a previous NaNo novel that’s a cross over of the Chakat Universe (copyright Bernard Doove and a twist on a popular kid show, MLP).  The other is getting more done with book two of my Black Friday series.  It needs to be done and this is the best way to do.

So, for a month, I have to leave Facebook with the exception of a few groups and basic stuff to the goal and win.

December will be spent editing Society of Night and Lies further and cleaning up Black Friday for the resubmission.  Cross your fingers, it could go onto the big screen or TV one soon.

Enough for now.  Bed calls.