I was thinking…

If you smelled smoke, that was me setting fire to the few remaining brain cells with some heavy thought about the next book in my Black Friday series.  It is Sunday, which has become the day i talk about anything concerning Black Friday.  MUahahahaha!!

Back to the thinking part…

I’ve talked about the most important characters in the books; Karina, Marcus, Nick, and Nehana, but I haven’t mentioned much about the others who have been named and set up for their smaller plots in this and coming books depending on how they behave.  They need some background.

Within the new group forming, there’s a hawk I think i named Kevin.  He’s going to be playing a difficult role with his attitude guiding him instead of the lessons he’s being taught.

He was found with three others, two of them in the cage with him when Karina and Marcus found him.  The other two are mustelids.  So, for now, he is the only avian in the group and possibly be the only one who is named and plays a big role in what happens.  He’s been sullen from the moment he’s found, acting like he possesses the two he was caged with.  In his attitude, he acts as though his physical change was an insult to him and caused all his problems before and after.  Think of his personality as that of a teenager wanting his own way no matter what the parents or other adults say.  Karina has a lot of work to break through to him, but none of what she’ll say or do will stop him from bringing about a lot of trouble for her and the rest later on.

How much trouble I’m not going to say, but I do intend on him leading the authorities to where they are hiding once he’s learned to use his abilities to some extent.  It’ll all fall from there.  He’ll just have to figure out how to do all this without the one real thief in the group finding out.  (I’ll talk about him on another post)

What kind of background does this hawk therian have?  I’m not sure.  As rebellious as what he is, I’m considering making Kevin a middle class guy who worked a decent job before growing feathers, came from an average family.  He grew up not feeling the pangs of hunger, but he didn’t have to do without some of the popular things all kids want and/or have.  Mother and father both worked but managed to find time for him and his brothers.  A basic middle class life that he made difficult on his own but doesn’t see it as being his fault.

Perhaps he spent some time in the armed forces but never stayed beyond his first tour of duty.  While his parents might have been religious, he wasn’t and doesn’t believe in God.  Could be he used to be in a gang and thinks and act tough to get what he wants when he wants.  Either way, he’s going to be trouble and we’ll see how therian culture deals with someone like him.

These are just ideas for now concerning this character.  If anyone has any ideas, do speak up.  They will be considered and possibly used.