Aaaaaannnnd…. We’re back…

kind of…sort of… Okay, maybe not completely, but I am here once again.

We’re in October once again, the busiest month for anyone who has done NaNoWriMo before and is crazy enough to do it again.  (That would be me and about a million others)  We’re coming down to the wire on preparing to pound out 50,000 words in just 30 days.  That’s 1,667 words per day to meet the minimum goal.  This is good, but there are so many who surpass the 50K mark and are no where close to being finished by the time the end of the month appears.

Others aren’t quite so lucky.  Either they stop well before, life gets in the way to keep them from writing, or their story fizzles and nothing else can be thought of to help make it reach that goal.  I’ve been among these a couple of times.  The first was when I moved to North Carolina but managed to get 25K done before the 30th of November.  The other time I stopped just after starting because I needed to work on another story to have it ready for publishing.

That brings to the subject of tonight’s post, Black Friday, or at least book two which has been stalled while I’ve been dealing with work and moving.  Of course… I’ve also been trying to transcribe everything I’ve handwritten which has not been an easy task.  I just keep getting distracted by something else.

That something else is Facebook; such an evil, vile, site that sucks me into their various games until it is too late to do anything but go to bed.

I have been considering other, smaller sub-plots which will be running behind the main plot.  Everyday kind of things, such as the problems associated with moving, health, teaching the new therians their history.

Moving, you ask?  Until they are screwed over by one of their own, the motley group will be changing locations often to keep from being captured while they work to regain their ‘magic’ and find out more of what they are.  A few past characters will be coming back, bringing turmoil with them, and many things which go bump in the night.  at least in this book, you’ll find out just where a lot of hidden therians have been hiding but still being themselves out in the open.  I’m sure a few will guess where some of the therians have been working.  >;)

So… I really need to get back into writing these daily blogs again and kick myself into transcribing so I can set up snippets for everyone to enjoy.  But… not tonight… too much unpacking to do.  Which… I better get working on so I can be dressed properly for work tomorrow.  >.<