Busy Days and Sundays

I know I should be writing something about my current novel in the works, Black Friday II, but I am needing to write something else before it is completely forgotten.  In all actuality, I should have done this last night while it was all fresh in my mind, but weather and too much excitement just made it difficult to put the day into perspective and be calm enough to write clearly.  You see, this will play a dual function; the first for court purposes further down the line because I am one of the eye witnesses to what you are about to read and the second because it could easily become a scene in the current book in progress or in another.  It could appear in many stories with modifications to fit the setting required.

Yesterday started off like any other day off; crawled out of bed late and promptly planted my rump in front of the computer for a few (all day) hours of playing on Facebook and hopefully breaking through my writer’s block to continue my current story.  Now, I have recently moved, so there was plenty of unpacking to avoid and the normal cleaning to do.

Now, where I moved is directly below my mom’s apartment.  There are too many pros and cons to list, but I am sure most can guess which ones are most prominent on both sides.

To keep it short and sweet, she came down and I ended up doing some shopping with her and my son.  The intent was to price some home schooling books for my son so he doesn’t fall behind on his studies while the school screws around trying to make the transportation department quite breaking their contract with us to keep my son on HALF days.  Currently, he goes two and a half hours thanks to the buses.  (note, he is the only child riding a bus home at “mid day” so there are no excuses for this problem they’ve caused)

So… yeah, you get the idea as to why I was out.

Cut to the last stop of the day…

Mom and I were traveling north on Yale, heading toward one of the best, if not oldest, Sears outlets in Tulsa when she spotted an older model red sedan dart over into the left lane about eight cars ahead of us.  When she noted it, I looked up in time to see this maniac dart over into the next lane with opposing traffic coming toward him.  He more than safely missed the oncoming cars thankfully, but he seemed to had lost control while returning to the right hand lane directly in front of the cars in front of us.

To visualize this scene more clearly, I’ll pause in my retelling to describe Yale ave.  Yale for the most part is four lanes of traffic (two north and two south no turning lanes).  This is a semi-residential street with houses and plenty of trees.  Mid to lower middle class area of town considering the fairgrounds and shopping center just a bit further north of the accident zone.

We were heading toward 21st street when mom spotted the guy darting dangerously through traffic.  What we saw next was him suddenly swerving and smacking the power pole, nearly shattering it (I have a pic as proof), then continued to plow through to run over a stop sign.  He paused a moment then backed up, rammed a tree then stopped a bit longer on the corner.  By then, mom and I were beside this crazy driver and he looked either unconscious or out of it.

Right then, I dug out my phone and wrestled with it to call the police and first responders.  As I was dialing, I saw oil and gas suddenly gush out from under his car, which made that spot very dangerous.  Mom pulled up to the next available street (which was just slightly further ahead and to the west of the wrecked car so we could still see this person clearly).  Just moments before the first fire truck appeared, this maniac driver starts to drive away and go down the street he was just face (east from where we were).  Thankfully, a guy in a red truck and another in a dark (could be black or a deep blue) SUV looking vehicle followed him down the street and managed to stop him at the next stop sign (approximately an eighth of a mile or less).   I’m betting the car quit on its own after loosing all its oil and a good bit of gas.

Those two men must have kept that man in his car until after the police arrived, but I did hear one of them say the passenger got out and left, or was hanging back at a safe distance from his wacked out partner.

The man was arrested on the spot as mom and I watched and waited.  Since we were eye witnesses, we found it to be our civic duty to wait and give a statement as to what we saw happen.  We didn’t have to wait long, thankfully.  While we waited, though, I had Dave call PSO to come and repair the pole.

That little car shattered the base of this thick wood pole when it hit.  If it weren’t for the wires, that pole would have laid across the street and there would have been a worse wreck than the one we witnessed.  Had he hit it harder, or even dead on, I think the lines would have snapped, instead they stretched and swayed, but otherwise kept things up.  Last I knew, PSO was waiting for something to hold the pole so it could be jury-rigged until a replacement could be installed.

One of the people who live on the street came out of her house to see what had happened.  She said he power went down for a few seconds then came back up.  I guess the car really ‘shocked’ the system  heh

That was in the afternoon.  Mom and I did some window shopping just to calm our nerves enough to drive again.  I know my mind was racing a mile a minute afterwards and I felt shaky.  That was a lot of excitement to handle.

Later that night, at 8:53 PM, we heard shots in our complex.  We both figured it was in the neighborhood behind or down in the creek and thought nothing of it.  Oh, were we wrong on that one!

How did I know the time?  I looked at the clock when I heard them.  After living in Apache Manor, an apartment complex owned by the housing authority of Tulsa, you hear anything that sounded like gun fire, you check the time and prepare to call the police.   If the police come by, you can tell them when you heard the shots so they can corroborate things.  After a guy was shot just three doors down from me there, I kept track of the time these things occurred.

A little bit later, we hear a fire truck.  No big deal, they run down the street from time to time so we thought nothing of it.  Soon after, we hear an ambulance siren and continued on watching the show that was on.  I go to leave and I see the flashing lights of a fire truck and an ambulance across the courtyard from us in front of an apartment my mom was shown as a potential place so they could repair her current apartment’s floors and bathroom.  (don’t ask.  Long story involved there).  Not wanting my laptop to get wet, I headed down to my front door where it was dry and watched while mom wandered over to see what was happening.

She saw someone being taken out on a gurney.  Later, she visits the local news station websites and finds the story of what happened there.  A man, name undisclosed for now, was shot in the face.  As far as I know, he was listed as alive and in the hospital this morning.  Don’t know anything else.

So… yeah… yesterday was full of excitement.  I’m surprised I could sleep last night.  Stayed in today thanks to a nasty allergy attack giving me a gruesome headache and Colin waking up with a hacking cough.  At least today was calm and uneventful.  I did nothing except lay on my computer and unpacked another box in my search to find my missing story notes.

They’re here somewhere.  I know they are.