November Madness About to Begin

While I should be writing about thoughts and ideas for Black Friday, I can’t.  There’s too many ideas tumbling about in my head for the up and coming Novel Writing challenge next month.

Just think… one more day then I’ll be trying my hardest to write 50,000 words in 30 days!  I’m so excited.  I cannot wait until midnight tomorrow to start.

Thankfully, I don’t have to go in early on Tuesday  so I can get a little bit started before falling into bed.  I do have to get up to take my son into school, after all, so no staying up too late.  But still… so much to do.  I do have a brief synopsis of the six short stories I’ll be writing for this year’s challenge.


Story #1

Misunderstandings lead to problems that only true love can solve in time.Too much work from both keeps them apart too much of the time even though their children are still young and needing them. With the gulf growing ever wider, there is only one chance left or their marriage will end. But, can a simple gift kept secret allow the couple to remain together?

Story #2

Two lonely souls find one another when their paths cross. Feared for the visions that plague her, a young oracle finds herself being chased out of town after another without a friend in the world or hope of even finding someone who could help her learn to control the visions. The other is hated for her chosen path in magic. Necromancy is the darkest of magical schools and she had mastered it easily. Hated for no reason other than her magic, she roams the land in search of something or someone who could make her feel wanted and happy. At a tavern in the middle of nowhere, things begin to look up for both. Is the meeting by Fate’s design or a matter of being in the right place under the right conditions for the bond to blossom into something more.

Story #3

Life in the clergy was never easy, but it wasn’t difficult for a young blind woman to handle with her mother and father there with her. But experiences beyond the church are few and a protective brother doesn’t make meeting that right person simple. Still, it doesn’t stop the dream from becoming reality one night. Will it last, or could it be a one night stand to teach her a lesson?

Story #4

Being the son of a noble has its advantages. But, it makes for finding that one special person extremely difficult. It isn’t easy to tell who is digging for gold and whole is being truthful without knowing a few magic spells or a telepath handy all the time. Stubborn, and wanting to find out on his own, he searches through the ashes of one burned heart after another. Giving up isn’t an option when you’re expected to continue the family line.

Story #5

The gods have a plan. Prepared to move to a higher plane to watch over the world she created, a new god needed to be made to replace the former. The first-born wasn’t ready and her goals were not good for the world in general. Another needed to be ready. Created through magic and raised in the loving embrace of the High Priestess’ family, a new one is prepared to take her place but there’s a few tests that she has to pass before being raised to her new position for eternity. The tests are difficult, but the hardest one could do more than make her into a goddess.

Story #6

In the universe, there are certain rules which cannot be broken. But, the creator of those rules never considered that one day, one of those rules would be tested to the limit. In the midst of war and plague, the impossible happens. A young infantryman finds a strange creature injured on the battle field after major fight. Thinking the creature belonged to one of the other units, he brings it in to be healed at the medical tent. Before he can reach their destination, the creature awakens and their eyes meet. The world quakes as the universe is tipped on its side with what happens next.


I’m calling this set Trysts of the Hearts.  They’ll be erotic fiction for the genre and all taking place within the same world, just different places and times of the history.

Yes, this means there will be some explicit scenes, but they won’t be all that happens, just something to build toward while the couples work through their problems.  None of the actual acts will be shown in excerpts.  Only the clean and plot driven parts will be shown.

If you are wondering why no names are shown in the synopsis, it is because I haven’t decided on those, yet.  Only one story has characters ready, but I’m going to reveal them when it is time to write.  Got to keep some mystery.

So, next month, look forward to seeing nothing but work concerning NaNoWriMo.  Everything will be on the back burner until December.