Morning Post

It is Tuesday!  Yippee!

I know, not so much fun when the work week has only begun and the weather is dragging you down.  Just shake it off and keep moving.  Best words to live by on any day, but during November, anyone taking the NaNo challenge will take these to heart.

So, here’s the update since nothing else is going on or in the forefront.

First short story is nearing completion at 24 pages and 13,007 words.  still a bit behind but progressing well.

Things are coming to a head with the antagonist getting the female lead all fired up, literally.  One scared male lead is terrified since the female lead is his wife.  Someone is going to have to talk fast or give up his surprise early to save his tail.  >;)

Excerpt coming.  Work comes a bit early today, so more posting later tonight when I return.

Have fun and don’t work to hard.