Updating… again

Just a quick post before dashing off to the wonderful world of work *bleah*  >.<

The first short story in this year’s collection has been completed.  The Gift topped out at 20,581 words, which puts me at almost half way through the challenge earlier than expected.  This is a good thing for now.  This will be a busy weekend for me.

I’ll be donating my time and services to a health event at work both Saturday and Sunday.  I was going to put on a lion costume and have some fun playing the Cowardly Lion but the costume was just a tad too small for me.  I was wearable, but not without a shirt underneath and worrying about straining seams when I needed to bend over.  So, I’ll hash together a fancy-ish witch and have some fun face painting on children’s faces and having fun.

I will also be bringing home a, new to me, deep freeze so we can get more than two weeks worth of meat at a time and take advantage of specials around town more often.  😀  This is something we need since we’re big meat eaters in my home.  YAY!!

Other than that, I may get some time to type tonight and tomorrow when we finally get home from celebrating Dave’s 39th birthday.  He’s getting old, I know, but so am I.  My 40th is just right around the corner, now, and I’m not looking forward to it.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I gotta stow this laptop someplace safe until lunch then it’ll be time to play in the pharmacy.

Peace and love!