Slow Return is Slow

Okay, I said a while back that i was back.  Well, I was kinda wrong.  I got lazy and distracted by Facebook, so the return has been slow in coming.  There’s no way I can guarantee I’ll be posting daily after this, but I’ll be trying.  There is still a collection of short stories to complete, one novel to edit, one to write, and crap load of artwork to color and post.

No one’s fault here but my own no matter how I look at it.  at least NaNoWriMo is over.  Good news here is I beat the challenge with almost 59k words written across four short stories.  It would have been 60k if the word count confirming thing counted unknown names and jargon found only within the world these stories took place in.  So, all in all, not bad and better than my best NaNo several years ago when I was still pretty new to the whole idea.

All I need to do is complete the series of short stories.  I also have a Christmas one I’m working on but that one will be self published in one place only due to content.  Sorry, but some of you do see my new postings over on my art galleries.

I do have some totally excellent news, however.  I finally bought a brand new monitor!  It’s nice.  😀  20 in display, better refresh rate than my old one, higher resolution, and just all around perfect.  I’ll be testing it out Thursday when I’m off to see how it likes my art programs.  Already ran it through the worst of my Facebook games and it handled them like a trooper.  All looks good right now for it.

Enough for now.  If I keep rambling, I won’t get any sleep tonight.  Work has been crazy like you won’t believe.  It’s going to be a long week.  =-.-=