Writing Progress

It seems that I may have to cut one story out of my erotic compilation I did for NaNoWriMo.   Ascension is proving to be a longer story than intended just because there is a good plot going on.  As it stands now, where Sareena and her companion are passing through a remote village on their way to their destiny, the story itself is almost 30,000 words, more than twice the length of the first story of this compilation.  There is still quite a bit more to go before this one can be neatly tied up.  I’d have to say… about another 20,000 or so more; give or take.

Sop, I am considering taking it out of the compilation and replacing with a much shorter story starring Sareena and a companion.  Although… I may just keep her stories separate since she just may not fit in so well with the rest.  It’s a thought anyway.

I still have a few more stories to write before I have my minimum set ready for editing.  Before NaNo, I decided there would no less than six of these stories.  Others I have planned star various characters, some of which I created for role plays in the past and others belong to others who have given me permission to use them.  One, I think will be based off a friends char, but not be the actual char due to the back story they have.  Still, the dynamic between the two characters is well worth writing out on any day.

With another story I have in the works, I think there is a special place in Hell for me for just conceiving it.  hehe  It’s supposed to playful and caters to a specific group and genre, so I know it will never go beyond the few forums it will be posted in when finished.  Oh, but my favorite bunny femme Leofa will definitely have some fun in it, as will her guests and her mate.

Sadly, I haven’t done much with part two of my Black Friday series.  I’m kind of stuck on how to make the story progress, plus I have to transcribe what I have written which makes it kind of hard to figure out what to do next.  Ah well, at least when I transcribe it, I’ll get a good grasp of the story and plot again and see what comes to mind to push it along into the tense, grind your teeth, heart ache and torture at human and sorcerer hands.

Magic didn’t die at the end of Black Friday, it was just more tightly controlled and, more or less, blocked from all use until a new source could be found.  Needless to say, history will repeat itself once again with the therians being the victims rather than some nationality with a different skin color or what ever.

One thing can be certain, humans can be quite predictable in any setting.  Whether they be good, bad, or indifferent, they will always react the sane way to similar stimuli; which makes them doomed to repeat history over and over until someone bright enough comes along to point these things out and tries to break the chain of events.

Other than writing, things haven’t changed much.  I’ve been far too busy at work to try and write even a short one line post during a break and just too tired when I get home to get my thoughts in order.  Then again, for now, I am trying to fight off the beginnings of a cold.

It tried to strike last night with the seizing of my sinuses and sneezing fits.  Trying to cough feels like a great effort.  You know that kind of feeling I mean, like you are trying to bring something from your toes up through your lungs.  >.<  Ick!  Bad visual there, but it is the truth.

Good thing is, I have only tomorrow to suffer through.  Going to work a couple extra hours to help keep things caught up and working smoothly then, I’ll be able to rest over the weekend.  Depending on how I feel, I’ll do some writing.  No idea which story will have my attention but rest assured, one will make some progress.  Maybe I’ll play on the Wii some, I don’t know.  There will be lots of movies to watch should I not feel up to doing much of anything.  We will just have to see.

Anyway… that’s the plan.  We’ll see what I actually do when the weekend gets here.  Won’t we?