In With the New

The old year has gone and the new year is upon us.  Time to remind ourselves to write 2012 instead of 2011 on those checks and make sure the old calendars have been tossed and new ones put up in their place.

Being the first of the year, it also falls on the day I consider things for the continuation of my first book published.  Part two is proving to be a little tricky in moving forward since there will be some problems occurring within the group as well as from outside it.  It won’t be easy for Karina to sniff out the traitor until they start to reveal themselves later on.

Accidental revelations will point to the one she needs to deal with while trying not to get her tail charred by the mages her kind have been fighting since the early days of their kind.  How much destruction will they do before the therians regain their locked abilities?

I won’t tell, and neither will the ten-sided die I’ll be using tell either until the time comes.  For now, that will be a secret.  >:)

Once I get my lazy butt into gear, I’ll be transcribing what I got written then hopefully push the story forward from there.  I have forgotten some of what I had put on paper since it has been a while since I last saw the notebook.  Who knows, I may just scrap all of that and restart it using just the names given and take things in a slightly different direction.  Maybe.

That’s a big maybe, but then again, it is a strong possibility, too.

While I deliberate over that, I’ll keep trying to flesh out the new characters and try to sketch them onto paper so i can better see them and how they’ll react to situations.

That should help out a lot right there; making pictures of each character and setting up a background and personality for each.  It is a good idea but then… maybe a wiki for better access to them that I can edit as needed.  That sounds better and it will give my readers something to read and get hints as to what is happening from Karina’s point of view.  I’ll have to look into it.

May as well set something up to attach to my future website.  Right?

Speaking of, I should consider building a website but my HTML skills are so rusty, WD-40 can’t budge them at all.  >.<  A black hole couldn’t pry anything out of my skills.  Better rest, my skills at web design are so bad, magicians say there is no spell strong enough to even gain a hint of knowledge.

I know, I know, back jokes.  Very, very, very bad jokes.

Before I hurt myself trying to be remotely funny, I’ll pause here and think more about Karina and her lessons on controlling the power of her people.

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