Chaos Unfolds

I decided today to completely rewrite what I have of part two to Society of Night and Lies.  What I had totally sucked and didn’t seem to fit in very well between Parts one and three.  Granted, part three still needs to be finished and part one requires a lot of polishing and editing still, but part two fell very short and went off onto some other tangent not related to the others.

There is a lot of relationship building between Sabrina and Jason during the second part, but it isn’t about them coming together only to break up at the end.  No, it is far more than that.  They have to fight against Claw and Fang.  Their relationship is only secondary to the whole story.  A sub-plot if you will.

Taking down Gerin, or at least putting him in his place and at least reconciling him with Sabrina should be more important.  In the first book, it is revealed that Gerin pretty much raised Sab and put her through school and everything she wanted before she finally slipped away.  He took her off the streets.  What his protegé Dern did was nothing he had ordered done.  Now, of course, Gerin has his own things going on in the background he has to keep the wary feline from finding out.

Gerin is still trying to make sure a certain fox, IE Jason, is dead.  Him being alive is not good for his pockets.  There are others who want Jason gone as well and things will get pretty tight before they get better.

Ideas for subplots are more than welcome for this part of the trilogy.  I can only watch so much Da Vinci Code, cop drama, and Bourne movies before my brain melts.  I’m not even fond of the Bourne movies, so watching them is like torture.  A Good cop drama, such as NYPD Blue or even NCIS is always good.  Da Vinci Code, the first movie, I liked and want to watch again some time when I don’t have other distractions pulling me away.  Honestly, I am so tired of the Bond movie, I don’t want to contemplate borrowing ideas from them, either.  >.<  (a certain TV station has over played them waaaaaay too much)

Anyway, that’s progress.

I hope everyone enjoyed the very short story i posted last night. I didn’t have anything to really talk about, but that just came out on its own.  Very short, brief, and described, in my mind, the last moments before someone passed away peacefully.  It is sad, and I had a couple of tears after it was finished.  Please, critique it and tell me the truth about The Last Sunset.