Not too far away, a day or so of sailing upon the great sea, the islands known as Psion lay waiting.  Some say they hare haunted, where great aquatic beasts lay in wait for the unwary to approach the pristine beaches and emerald jungles filled with exotic animals of all kinds and strange people who seem to have never met anyone from the mainland.  Others say there are riches hidden in the jungle growth just waiting to be found from past explorers.  But one thing is for certain, there is something strange about the clustered islands

On the largest, and northern most island, a great volcano stands guard.  Smoke curls from the peak more often than not and no one has ever seen it spew forth the liquid red lava hidden within its core.  Only dragon-like beasts circle the volcano during the height of their season, spouting flames to drive off rivals and roaring To lure their potential mates.  Birds are rare so close to the large island with so many flying predators around, but they are mild compared to the legends of what lay beneath the waves.  No one knows what it is and few have lived to tell the tale.  All that anyone can say is it has long tentacles that reach from beneath the waves and crush the ships as it pulls them down into the depths.

To sail around the smaller islands, each a perfect jewel to match the largest, requires the expertise of the oldest sailors.  Reefs and rocks make passage difficult.  Hidden among them, sirens call out, entrancing the unwary with their spells and bringing sailors to their doom.  Even the seal folk don’t venture near those jagged rocks for fear they too would become prey to a mischievous sea nymph.

The sea nymphs are a very dangerous people.  There are no men among them, only females.  They look like beautiful women with tails of fish for legs and scales that resembled bejeweled rainbows.  Their songs haunt all mens’ dreams and lure them to their doom if they fall victim to their wiles.  If they cannot get you to come to them, they use their sea magic and bring themselves to you.  Their lips are like poison to the landfolk.

For those who can get past the dangers of the sea, there are the strange and fearful beasts hiding in the jungles.  Some say there are wild cats a big as a man with long curve teeth that can slice through sinew and bone with ease.  There are gigantic reptiles that hunt down the grazers on sickle clawed feet.  Birds that don’t have wings chase those who get away from the reptiles to crush them with their razor-sharp beaks.

The people who dare to live on those isles are another thing to ponder.  They don’t look like normal people.  They appear to have the body of a great cat and the upper body of a normal person.  Some could call them a feline centaur.  None have met them, but many have been seen as boats sailed by their islands.  Only the bravest had ventured into their jungles but none have returned to their tale.

All I have told you has come to me from another old sailor.  he had lived on those waters for most of his life and seen many a strange thing during his countless voyages.  If you don’t believe me, then hire a boat to take you there to see for yourself.  Finding one will be the first test, then coming up with the gold to pay for the voyage will be the next.  It won’t be an easy voyage, even though it will be a short one.