Saturday Comet

By the time this one gets published, it’ll be Sunday, but since I haven’t gone to sleep yet, it is still technically Saturday.  So, technicalities aside…

While today is the first official day of my vacation, I didn’t do a whole lot of anything all day except for some general shopping and picking out one of my birthday gifts.  For an artist, you can’t go wrong with a nice sketch pad.  So, actually, no writing.  bleah.

I did, however, think about writing and more importantly, about the novel which stars on Saturday, Way of the Comet.

As I read more and more of it, I keep feeling like it is too much of the clichéd story of girl is a princess that doesn’t know it and has to learn and find her way before a certain event happens.  >.<  Sounds like something I would have done back in high school.  I wish i could find the original beginning I had written where the heroine is older, late twenties early thirties, with a career and a life of her own.  Now, to get her to go where she’s needed, there are events, most which had happened before the story begins which gives her the reason to investigate the reasons behind them, such as the mysterious death of her brother and the seemingly odd messages she finds around specific times of  the year, all of them threatening and each one seeming more intimate and worse than the previous.

To start it off, she recalls them in thought while on her way to, what appears to be, normal business meeting.  Again clichéd, but it fits and gets the whole plot line started.  I kept the antagonist unseen and just out of sight at first as that invisible threat.  Her escape was a last minute flight to Europe.  I chose a place in France, just south of Chantilly for some strange reason.  There are a lot of places where ancient man had made caves with lots of paintings and left plenty of remains behind for archaeologists to find, and the place she went is just such a spot.  A fictional dig place, but got to do something for the sake of a good story line.

During that flight, she finds her guide’, a man who knows things about her she never knew and has to drag her to the dig site to get her away from what ever is following her.  In the cave she took shelter in, with this weird man keeping the enemy at bay, she stumbles through a portal into a whole other place.  It stops there.

Sounds much better than the current story line with the teenaged girl and the overly cliché themes running amok.  Little by little, I get flashes of the old story in my head and usually when i can’t stop to write them down.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to put those flashes of insight and memory down and possibly get a better story out that will flow freely until it is finished rather than the almost 15 year stop and go I have with the current.

Anyway… back to working on the art work and thinking about plots.