Another Birthday Come and Gone

Once again, my birthday has come by quietly and with little fuss, just the way I like it. It is nice if it is noticed, just not a huge to-do like when I was younger.

It doesn’t seem all that long ago I was celebrating my 21st birthday, getting drunk off my @$$ on beer, long island teas, and margaritas while out dancing with what ever friends we could round up. Learned the next day i am one of the lucky few who do not suffer from hangovers.  I got up the next day and bounced out of bed while my boyfriend crawled out slow as if he were old. Mom was okay since she was designated driver, but everyone else was hurting.

Those were the days.

Now, I don’t really care for parties and lots of cake, or even a huge dinner. I am taken out each year, but to someplace rather quiet and cozy instead of noisy and cramped. The whole day was peaceful without anyone yelling or throwing tantrums. (meaning my son on that point)

Now, I did receive a few gifts. From my little boy, with the help of his grandmother, I got six perfect red roses in an elegant vase. He even wrote on the card that it was from him and his daddy. From Dave, I got a sketch pad which i will probably use to pick up my Evolutions comic once again.

Saturday, I was taken out to a new Oriental place and had some of the best sushi in town. This looked as beautiful as it tasted and was well worth the money spent for everyone to enjoy. They had wonton soup, roasted salmon, my favorite sweet and sour chick, ribs done in different ways and so tender the meat fell off the bones. My favorite seafood, clams and shrimp, were in abundance and beyond delectable.

Today, I spent the day lazing about but still did some housework because I was bored and treated myself, and son, to a chiropractor adjustment. Now, my neck and back feel great and my shoulders don’t feel like they are so stiff and out of place. We’re going back on Wednesday after my son is out of school for another adjustment to keep everything in check.

To make everything perfect, I’m off work for this whole week. Plenty of time to play on the Wii, work on pictures, and write if I want. Vacation until Monday then it’s back to the salt mines pushing pills and listening to people whine and argue about their insurance not working for some reason or another.

As for work, it isn’t bad but that’s the main reason I’m not posting. Also, my scanner lost its mind and refuses to work. Hopefully I can get it working again. Otherwise, I’ll have to wait for a bonus check in order to get a new one.

That’s all for now, peeps. Hope no one has missed me too much.