Excuse the Quiet

It has been a few days since I last posted.  I know I’m supposed to be posting daily, even if it is a tiny paragraph, but there is a very good excuse.  I’ll even upload it here for all to see, too.

First part of the excuse is this week was my vacation and I decided to enjoy the quiet and relax.  Very little work on writing has been done, but I did do a lot of art work itself.  mostly, I colored in a picture for a Secret Santa I was assigned and was due by the end of the month.  The picture was a total b**** to do, but it was well worth it in the end, even with the few anatomical, proportional, and perspective problems it had.  To me, these few little things scream that they are there, but people seem to love it none the less.

If you click on it, the picture should enlarge to see the detail put into the cloth and the wings.  Now, I did make one character based mistake, but when I saw it, it was too late to correct.  This gryhon is supposed to have feathers on the tip of the tail, as if it were a mini bird tail, instead of the traditional lion tuft.  The background was fun creating.  It was a simple bucket fill of midnight blue then I used a couple of brushes to create the stars.  believe it or not, the tiny dots and what appear to be comets or meteors in the background were made with a brush called wispy smoke.  A mistake is what gave me he idea for them and it turned out beautiful.

So, here is proof I can do more than write a few pretty phrases into a novel, or even a short story.  Before I started writing, this is what I did.  I drew and the good ones I would color in.  This means I don’t have a lot of colored art waiting for upload.  but, I do have a lot of sketches.

For those who look at my icon, you’ll see that it is a sketch of an angel type figure.  That one I call Loneliness and it is a deer anthromorph hunched over as if depressed that he is all alone or that someone he cared about had left without a single word.  There are others which go with the angel with more being considered.  The best one I call Angelic Vixen and people who have seen it, love it.

Well, it is late and time to get some rest.  It will be an early morning so I can bake my cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Enjoy the art!  Who knows, maybe I’ll showcase another picture later.