A Short Break

From writing anyway.  While I am enjoying what I write, I need a little break from it and ponder a few things about each story.  Not just where they are going or what to throw at them next, but whether or not I should continue them or not, things like that and so much more.  Writing, to me, is a craft that takes a lot of practice in order to do it with any kind of skill.  While I do have some good potential, I am lacking in key areas to really make these stories pop and have readers beg for more; such as with the ‘Game of Thrones’ series.  If I am to try to get remotely close to that kind of quality and loyalty from readers, then I need to pause and think things over very carefully.

No, I am not going to quit writing, though my blogs sure look like I am trying to quit at times.  I’m just going to go through some resources, such as a book on novel writing I got for Christmas with articles from various authors and their advice to people like me.  In a group on Facebook I am in, there is a link I saved that is a questionnaire on what your fantasy/fiction novel contains.  One novel in progress is on the chopping block since there are too many questions that are answered yes.  I’m talking, this piece is very clichéd to begin with and not moving along very well anyway.  Only, I couldn’t see all of that until I put it through the questions.  (Maybe not a total re-write need but definitely a lot of editing and changing to eliminate most of the worn out clichés)  If you can guess which novel it is that needs the work done, I’ll be surprised.

Thanks to this same group, I also have a link to novel writing tips and tricks to help make your work pop and gain the notice of publishers.  Black Friday, believe it or not, is almost how it should be.  If I hadn’t sent the wrong file in, it would be much better and probably selling better, too.  Of course, I need to be able to afford some of the marketing packages they have on Xlibris.  Now, I find them a bit pricey, but they do stick with you and help all they can.  They even call to see what you are up to and if you’d like to do anything more with your work.  The counselors I’ve had with them are amazing and friendly, and, to be honest, knowledgeable about their work.

But, I digress.  I need to focus on family first, and my day job.  Writing, for now, is a secondary job that can be set aside when needed. I’m having a hard time focusing on my various plots and ideas.  There’s so many of them, my boss thinks I should have myself tested for ADD.  To be frank, I think he’s right.  There are too many things going on at once and I overwhelm myself unintentionally.  Thankfully, I have my artwork to fall back on to ease the overworked mind.

That’s what I’ll be doing during this break, working on my art.  There’s plenty of pictures that need cleaning up, inking, and coloring.  I’ve a comic I’ve been toying with that is based on one of my stories, but will only be seen on my art forums due to content mostly and the genre it is written in.  Who knows, maybe the exceptional pages will be featured here for the interested.

I’ll blog as I can when the coloring and Facebook doesn’t have my complete attention.  At least now, you know what is going on here in my little world.