Pardon Me…

It has been a few days since I last wrote anything, and I think the article I did was decent.  I hope it helped anyone who has had trouble with plot in their own writing be it a simple role play, a short story, or that novel you’ve been working on for the last fifteen years or so.  As anyone can tell, i didn’t properly credit the book but I did the best I could, considering, it has been far too long since high school English.  A very, very,  long time.

I will eventually do up another article on what the next chapter/article is; just not tonight.  I’m just not in that writing frame of mind and that is detrimental in itself.  There is a good reason.  Really, it is.

Since Friday, I’ve been doing everything on my laptop.  I may have mentioned it but for just in case, I’ll explain here.  I do my writing from my desktop so I can sit more comfortably (and properly for that matter), have more space to move about, and it can handle a higher load than my laptop.  Sadly, the power supply decided to explode and I am hoping it was just that which made the loud popping and cracking noises when it died.  It went loud enough I jumped out of my seat and squeaked in fright.

Yes, I squeaked.  Adults do squeak now and again when there are no children present.

The good part is, my writing is saved in multiple locations so nothing is lost.  There’s just no way to work on the pictures I had started coloring until a new power supply is purchased.

On a side note, I finally found all the notebooks I had written in for my first novel Black Friday.  They were located while I looking for some old tax papers which I needed to get a hold removed so I can get my pharmacy tech licence renewed.   All five of them, plus an extra I need to see what was written in before I start editing and transcribing what I have already for book two of the series.

Sure, I could have gone through my copy of the book to get all the character names and what they did and what they will do, but I didn’t want to have to think that hard.  These notes will help out a lot in future.

For now, my break from writing is still on.  I want to finish the book I’m reading and make notes (IE articles) here for quick reference when I’m not at home and have my laptop with me.  There’s no way I’ll bring this thing plus a thick book to a write-in or someplace quiet just to get some sage advice from more experienced authors.

That’s it for now.  Catch y’all on the flip side… err… next blog.


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