A Quiet Farewell…

… to perhaps one of the greatest voices the music world has ever known.

At around this time last night, I glanced at my Facebook page and several posts in a row along with news links to the passing of Whitney Houston.  For a moment, I was skeptical, knowing that in the past, such reports were made with later reports rescinding those posts.  It wasn’t very long before the truth was known, she was gone.

No longer will we hear her dulcet tones or see her smile on the screen.  Her life was cut short, before her star could truly shine through the adversity she had been through.  Hardship followed closely at her heels, always the black shadow behind her and now, we are left with the final harshness that was her reality.

No, I won’t speak of what took her life, or why it even needed to end so soon.  All I will say is that she shone as brightly as any star and left her mark on us all whether we were fans or not.  She will be missed by one and all.

I don’t remember her as an actress or a tabloid queen even though she was prominent in both.  Sadly, too much in the tabloids for the longest times.  What I remember her is the voice she was blessed with.  I can still hear the strains of the song, which I think, pushed her into the limelight, I Will Always Love You. 

She gave new depth to an old song, a sense of life and wonderment while telling us that she cared for everyone around her with all her heart.  Hearing her sing that song, you could feel the truth of the words in every note she uttered.  Only one other could give such feeling to such a simple tune.  Now, that same truth and feeling will be added to Heaven’s choir and make the lure all the more tempting to be there and witness.

Rest in Peace, Ms Houston.  May you find solace and love where you are now.  Our world is now a quieter place without your voice.