Monday Randomness

What better time to hop back on the daily routine of writing, blogging, or what ever than on a Monday.  While not officially the beginning of the week, it does start the whole circle of work again for most people.  Monday is the one day that people tend to dislike.

Why?  Why dislike a particular day of the week?  There is nothing wrong with the day itself.  It is simply another day with a word attached to it like any other.  What makes Mondays so terrible for most of us hard working people?

To put it simply, it is the return to work.  For some, it means piles of paper work needing to be done.  Emails, invoices, essays, homework, have to be done and have been building up over the weekend.  Take my job, for example, when i am off for two days (or even one) the log copy and filing of prescriptions isn’t usually completed.  Sure, the girls working the weekend will get most or all the scanning done, but there is still the sorting, filing, and researching which needs to be done so there aren’t ten or more bundles sitting there for me to go through during my spare time through the week.  It isn’t fun coming in and finding four baskets full of prescriptions needing to be processed the rest of the way each Monday.

At my mother’s job, every Monday, her inbox is full of invoices and bills for her and others in her team to process and prepare for the accounts payable team to work through.  For her, this is a very busy day where she is sorting, scanning, and working through all kinds of spreadsheets for accounts receivable.  Everything arrives Monday morning, and if the day is a holiday, Tuesday, and it takes her until Thursday to get everything done, including any researching required or phone calls needed to utility companies for the various properties that come through her cubicle.

I do not envy my mother at all even though I would love a job where I could sit more to help my knee.

Even when relaxing all weekend pondering plots or engaging in fun family activities, we don’t like to see that time end.  Seeing all that time spent not thinking about coming to a sudden stop tends to make people cranky.  We regret not doing more during our time off.  For some, we don’t get a lot of sleep during our time off.  we’re up and running about, enjoying a few drinks with our friends, going to the movies or the casino, the races, or what have you so that all we’re left with come Monday morning are dark circles under our eyes and not enough coffee to keep us going until we get home.

Regrets and too much fun can make even the brightest days feel like they drag along so slowly.  And if you are recovering from an illness, it seems to be worse.  Add in bad weather, like we had here in Tulsa, today, it just makes the time go slower.

Not that long ago, I used to hate Mondays, even when they weren’t really on a Monday (the work week began and ended on different days due to scheduling).  The weekend just seemed to go by far too quickly and nothing was accomplished then coming into work to find a worse mess than what i had left.  It was enough to make a grown woman break down and cry sometimes.  Then, I thought to myself.  It is only another day.  Just another day no matter how I looked at it.  Treat it as such and then it doesn’t feel quite so bad.  It gave the beginning of the work week a better spin and allowed me to see passed the ingrained dread to the brighter side after some practice and further thinking.

Mondays really aren’t that bad no matter how much partying and house cleaning I’ve done over the weekend.  It became a time to share in experiences with co-workers and friends.  Monday became the day i made plans for the week and set up ideas for the weekend.  Monday became a good day.

Now, with a much better light shed on the beginning of my week, I look at the day with a more analytical view.  Think about it.  Where did the word Monday come from?

According to Wikipedia it comes from a lineage of words meaning moon day.

Wiki meaning:

The English noun Monday derived sometime before 1200 from monedæi, which itself developed from Old English (around 1000) mōnandæg and mōndæg (literally meaning “moon’s day”), which is cognate to other Germanic languages, including Old Frisian mōnadeig, Middle Low German and Middle Dutch mānendach (modern Dutch Maandag), Old High German mānetag (modern GermanMontag), and Old Norse mánadagr (Swedish and Norwegian nynorsk måndag, Icelandic mánudagur. Danish and Norwegian bokmål mandag). The Germanic term is a Germanic interpretation of Latin lunae dies (“day of the moon”).

In many Slavic languages the name of the day eschews pagan tradition and translates as “after Sunday/holiday”. Russian понедельник (poniediélnik), Serbian понедељак (ponedeljak), Bulgarianпонеделник (ponedelnik), Polish poniedziałek, Czech pondělí. In Turkish it is called pazartesi, which means the day after Sunday. Japanese and Korean share the same ancient Chinese words ‘月曜日’ (Hiragana:げつようび, Hangul:월요일) for Monday which means day of the moon.

In most Indic languages, the word for Monday is derived from Sanskrit Sōmavāra. Soma is another name of the Moon god in Hinduism. In Indic languages it is also called Chandravāra, Chandra in Sanskrit means moon. In Thailand the day is called “Wan Jan” meaning, the day of the Moon god Chandra”. (taken directly from Wikipedia

That is a lot to take in, but in so many languages, it all comes down to the same meaning for this one day of the week.  How and why it became the first day of week is mostly from business.  It is the first day back to work and most pay periods begin on Monday and end the following Sunday.  Religious reasons place Monday as the second day of the week and there are plenty with special reasons why they do certain things on this particular day.  I could mention them all, but that would make this entry extremely long.  Read the provided link and it will give you the information you so desire.

Mondays have much associated with them.  The astrological symbol is the Moon (as if that wasn’t obvious) with Cancer being the associated astrological sign.  In Thai, the color associated with this day is Yellow.  Garfield, the ever popular feline of comic fame, has always hated Mondays and is usually harmed in some fashion on this day.  it has become a running gag since the inception of the character back in the 70s.  Songs abound which contain Monday in their name, and not to mention, there are a few bands with Monday in their name.

Has someone ever accused you of having a case of the Mondays?  If so, they are just noting that you’re not in a very good mood.  Well, why not take this day and turn that phrase around to mean something good?  Isn’t it about time to give the first day of our work week a better light?  I think so.

Mondays are good.  Mondays are better than good.  They are great and they can shine as brightly as the full moon in the summer!  So come on and celebrate Monday with me!  Before you know it, it’ll be Tuesday and another day closer to the weekend.