Sunday’s Friday

Ah, it feels good to think about something I have given myself a break from for so long.  The book on novel writing is complete and I come out with new information on how to improve my efforts.  Black Friday is still in need of a severe revisement to fill in gaps and trim out unneeded character names so it can blend in more easily into the next book without requiring a new book to continue the story line itself.  The plot will be tightened up and polished until it shines to keep my readers glued and wanting to keep reading until the end has come.

That is a lot to do and part of my goals for this month in #writemotivation.  To help make this easier, I found the notebook with all my character notes in it from the narrator, Karina, to her those she interacts with throughout and who does what and when and how.  I think maybe I should give those she fights against at the end names other than mages or sorcerers

It’s a thought.  Those of who are fellow writers tell me what you think of the idea.  Don’t be afraid to say it sucks or run with it.  I do listen to any and all critiques of my work and ideas to put to use to improve what I have done already.

Oh, for those who are more into thrillers and horror, please, a few hints and ideas to work in more tension into my stories and I have them posted in first draft form on my author account on  You may need to create an account to see the mature rated writing or you can ask for a copy to be emailed.  I think I have an email link somewhere on these sidebars.

More to write about later.