Monday Report #writemotivation

Once again, the wheel has turned and brought us back to Monday.  Oh, how glorious this day can be if seen in the proper light.  For me, this isn’t easy after the weekend I had.

Short weekend or not, it was still good with plenty happening.  Rather than re-telling it all, just look at the two posts before this one and enjoy a good read.

To give this most hated of days the light it deserves, you have to see it on a beautiful early spring day with the sun shining, birds singing, and a light wind blowing down here in Oklahoma.  Already the Bradford pear trees are in full bloom and offering up a delicate scent to tease the nose.  (if you have allergies, that tease brings about a big sneeze)  I have spotted redbuds starting to bloom and a gorgeous redwood in full regalia yesterday on my way to Barnes& Noble.  Soon enough, if they haven’t already, pussy willows will be sprouting and irises of all colors will be springing forth from the group to offer to us a new palette of color as the crocus and pansies die away for a while.

Down here, we never did have much of a winter.  Sure, a few cold nights and a dusting of snow, but nothing resembling what we had last year or in previous years with the usual ice storm to knock things out for a while.  It is still early, yet, so who knows what the weather will bring in coming weeks.

Now, onward to the real purpose of this random post at the end of an equally random day; my goals for the #writemotivation challenge.

1) Start edits on Society of Night and Lies draft 3. 

I haven’t started on this, yet, but I did get the whole manuscript together and out of my room so I can begin.  This is something I want to spend a weekend working on so I can focus on it for several hours instead of maybe an hour or two like during the week.  At least I have the manuscript at my desk and waiting.

2) Complete the short story Test of Ascension.

I’ve finally broken through my block and came up with a good segway into the main plot and offer up some new tension for my heroine and her companion before they reach their destination.  By the end of this week, I should be introducing the character who will be the final test of my soon to be goddess and seeing them come together in a way the characters never thought.

3) Transcribe chapter 1 and start transcription of chapter 2 of Black Friday2 (working title until a better one is thought of)

I haven’t started on this, sadly.  I was wanting to work on it this weekend, but ended up trading shifts at work so one of the girls could have off and spent Sunday catching up on the normal errands and laundry.  At least it is ready to be worked on.

4) Finish character sketches of the main cast of Society of Night and Lies. (written and drawn)

This has been started.  I’m starting with the drawn part of these character sketches.  Once I can see them, then I can give more depth of personality and decent reference sheet to carry them through to the final book in the trilogy; especially with Sabrina and Jason who will be the constants in this set of stories.


6 thoughts on “Monday Report #writemotivation

  1. We didn’t really have much of a winter here in the DC area. I’m still not sure whether I’m happy about that or not.

    Good luck with yours goals this month!

    1. Thank you.

      I’m wondering if we’ll have that late season ice/snow like we normally have around here. It’s one of things I can feel lurking but nothing has happened, yet.

      Here’s to it being a nice from now until summer. =^.^=

  2. Wow! Best of luck, you certainly have a lot you want to do. =) But it is still very early in the month and I believe you can do it. Glad to hear the short story is coming along well!

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